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Jared Sanborn On Pure Technology And Lessons For Entrepreneurship




In a world made up of followers, entrepreneurs stand tall as leaders. But what it is that makes an entrepreneur different from the rest? What drives them? New Jersey-based serial entrepreneur Jared Sanborn seems like the perfect guy to reveal that. Taking a closer look at his beginnings, latest venture, and general attitude in life.

Early Beginnings

For Jared Sanborn, entrepreneurship has been a long and complicated love affair. He actually started his first venture in 2005, fresh out of high school. The venture taught him valuable first-hand lessons about what it takes to build a startup. For half a decade, Sanborn worked at various positions and excelled at all of them. But the fire of building something his own was still burning inside him. Finally, in 2017, he resigned from the position of VP-Sales & Marketing at Comet Core, and decided to fulfill his destiny.

Pure Technology – A Game-changer

Data is touted as the new currency of this digital world. But most of the big companies simply take data from the customers without giving anything in return. With the mission of balancing the scales, Sanborn conceptualized the idea of Pure Technology. The project, which has been in the works for over 3 years, is still a secret. But Sanborn is confident that the unique business model of Pure Technology, which is powered by Android, can disrupt the Big Data and AI sector forever. A tall claim, but one that is justified by Sanborn’s proven track record.

A serial entrepreneur

Like most successful entrepreneurs, Jared Sanborn never puts all his eggs in the same basket. While Pure Technology is his love child, he has also founded or managed 5 other ventures in the past. The most notable one is Eyefuel PR, a full-PR agency that takes care of all marketing needs of its clients. Founded in 2019, Eyefuel PR offers SEO, lead generation, press release, social media campaigns, and many other marketing services to build and promote brands. The passionate entrepreneur also raised $1.83 million in Series-A investment for a previous tech startup.

On Failures and Risks

Failures and risks are part of the journey for any entrepreneur, and nobody knows it better than Jared Sanborn. But the young entrepreneur was never daunted by risks; in fact, he welcomed them. Without risks, there could be no rewards. On his path, he often met failures – sometimes significant setbacks. But as the wisdom goes, “every failure is a lesson”. As a student of life, Sanborn learned from each of his failures and worked on improving his strategy. The results speak for themselves.

Having the Right Attitude

What’s the secret ingredient that separates successful entrepreneurs from the rest? According to Jared Sanborn, it’s just one simple thing – the “never give up” attitude. On the path of entrepreneurship, failures are a staple. Many young businessmen lose heart at the first sign of failure and decide to give up. Sanborn feels that this is their fatal mistake. There is nothing that the human spirit cannot conquer, but that requires an unbreakable spirit.

Sanborn also highlights what being an entrepreneur means to him. For him, it was always about the “grind” – or as he puts it, “Get Going Goal Setting, Growing, & Go Getting!”. He admits that being an entrepreneur is not just a profession, but a personality. Those who walk this path will never be happy with fitting into the “norm”. Sometimes, it means sacrificing regular friendships and relationships. But it’s all about what you deem most important.

Connect with Jared Sanborn on Linkedin and Instagram.

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