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Jemetyeese music continues to thrive in 2021.




It would be unfair to credit the musical success of Jemetyeese to sheer luck or call it an accident. Instead, her unfettering vision, natural charisma, and leadership capabilities have contributed to her success. In the R&B/Pop music genre, Jemetyeese is a prominent Entrepreneur/Major Recording Artist.  

In life, Jemetyeese faced various trials and tribulations head-on, and her tenacity can be attributed to her childhood experiences, which were diverse, challenging, and colorful. As a natural leader, Jemetyeese is equipped to deal with any adversity life throws at her.   

Moreover, throughout her life, Jemetyeese followed the route of ultimate resistance to ensure that she enjoyed access to worldly pleasures. For Jemetyeese, it was natural to expand her dreams and chase incredibly challenging goals to fulfill her destiny. 

Any listener of Jemetyeese’s music would be bestowed with an opportunity to consume artistic, musical genius constructed with an unusual combination of passion, hyperactive energy, exemplary vocal arrangement, and masterful lyrical content. The musical portfolio of Jemetyeese offers a glimpse into her musical mastery and vocal supremacy.  

For Jemetyeese, it is pertinent to comprehend the significance of optimal engineering production that acts in combination with artistry. Creating slow-crafted classics is Jemetyeese ultimate goal, and quality over quantity is her philosophy.  

With a flourishing organic fanbase, Jemetyeese has fans on three different continents and in 30+ countries. Jemetyeese is CEO of her multimedia empire, which encompasses music, fashion, and TV/Film.

In 2021, Jemetyeese intends to build an entertainment empire.  

Snakes, rats, and extreme haters infest the music business. Therefore, she knows 90% of it is about business, while 10% is about music. It is still a grind for Jemetyeese through COVID-19 as she creates next-level music in 2021. The career of Jemetyeese stretches across Hollywood, television, and beyond. It’s Jemetyeese time, and she’s fiercely focused.  

Jemetyeese signed a digital monetization partnership with RADIOPUSHERS in early 2021.  RADIOPUSHERS is a global music monetization agency designed for progressive artists/entrepreneurs.

Jonathan P- Wright is CVO of RESULTSANDNOHYPE and mainstream writer for Droid Journal.    

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