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JP Da Illist reflects the definition of SELF-MADE

There is no doubt that Hip-Hop music is a global force, a force driven by creative and unapologetic Music millennials. The global effects of Hip-Hop illuminate undiscovered jewels of music. Indie artists make a major contribution to shaping and shifting pop and mainstream culture with their artistic vision. Hip-Hop culture influences the image, mentality, and product presentation of Fortune 500 companies in America.  

Rhianna, Travis Scott, Da Baby, Saweetie, Cardi B, and more have million-dollar partnerships with McDonald’s, Sprite, Coca-Cola, Beats By Dre, etc. Rap music provides a bridge between unimaginable to generational wealth. Rap music enables young black ultra-talented artists to transform their nightmares into life-changing music.    

JP Da Illist is an emerging force in the world of Hip-Hop.  JP Da Illist’s music reflects his capacity to narrate street dreams into his destiny.  JP Da Illist is a natural-born leader, and he calculates every for flawless business execution.   

JP Da Illist maintains the position of CEO in his label. JP Da Illist manages and operates several multimedia brands underneath his corporate umbrella.    

JP Da Illist music career in 2021 continues to gain momentum. In 2021, JP Da Illist released his critically acclaimed album ‘24’. ‘24’ illuminates JP Da Illist God-given rap instincts, delivery, and emotional intelligence.    

‘Double the Racks’ is a standout track from the album and is a ‘hustler’s anthem’ for 2021.  JP Da Illist relentless mentality enables him to remain ‘self-made’ in 2021.    

JP Da Illist’s music caught the attention of New Jersey’s DJ WESWILL in 2021. DJ WESWILL immediately felt JP Da Illist sense of urgency and hunger in the music. 

JP Da Illist entered into a monetization partnership with RADIOPUSHERS for optimal branding and global reach.    


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