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Kilo M.O.E Proves Himself One More Time With The Latest “Watch What You Say”! And Adds To The List Of Glory!





Kilo M.O.E. has been cultivating his natural talents for over 20 years; a musician, producer, entertainer, and a visionary who has most appropriately refined his sound and style over time to captivate the interest of everyone. With time, to assist with the hip-hop culture, the charismatic artist harmonized his strengths and talents with a distinctive voice. His style is fully orthodox when it comes to the best song or project to add to Kilo M.O.E wonder list. It is the Golden Age Punchy Wit that he has produced and is on top of his priority list. The sounds of the hits of the late ’70s and early ’80s have mainly influenced his music, in which the hip-hop artist combines his infectious rhythms to leave a permanent impression on the world of Hip Hop. Kilo M.O.E has recently released his new album, which has received all the favorable feedback from the public over time and hence has a strong chance in the competitive forum to showcase his music and style.

You must be wondering why all of a sudden is it “Kilo“. Then wait to listen to the reason. During his notorious and infamous years in the streets of the midwestern capital of KS, Topeka, Kilo was the name he was given back in the ’90s. He was wearing the Figaro Gold Chain with a hanging medal that said “Kilo” in Diamonds. The thing to do at the time was to sell cocaine, and crack money was everywhere. It stayed with our artist over the years and tagged it along and wrote a lot of songs using the very name. Kilo’s attributes simply developed over time and began to mean more than just a brick of coke by various degrees and measure.

In one of his interviews, he spoke about the genesis of his love for music. And after reading his every word, it seems that in retrospect, as long as he can recall, this passion for the art has been with him since infancy. He grew up with records, literally. It was like a part of Kilo’s daily life in his household. The family was familiar with the new dances, songs, top 40, and urban moves. Every step spoke of music and rhythm. In fact, they used to wake up beating and dubbing tapes on desks. His childhood memories consisted of watching all the TV specials and taking the brush and behaved as if it was a microphone to imitate whatever he was seeing. He has always wanted to pursue a career in the entertainment industry since he was six years old. As he grew up during the ’80s, so it was all about talent shows and break dancing. But the major break came when Kilo grew up in a cultural change in the 80s and four years in Munich, Germany. It was during that time that he was introduced to Dj-ing and mixtapes that mostly generated the drive to do music as a career.

Now let’s talk about the thing we are here for- Kilo’s latest release. ‘Watch what you say‘ is a joyful, catchy, and groovy hip-hop song coming from the album ‘Fly G’z and Palm Treez‘.  The song is followed by a video he shot with Hecdakid. Our impeccable artist emphasizes his raw ability to make new music that would reshape audiences in an age where the emphasis is primarily on the technical side of music. The video with Hecdakid is pleasantly old-school with some ancient touch delivered, taking into consideration the tastes of millions of hip-hop fans. The zesty verses, the way the rapper articulates his verses, the shifted kind of melodic impacts, the melodic beats; everything is put together decent and tight, with the point of letting the audience groove perpetually to his musicality.

His most recent release presently is ‘Walk Within The Top‘, which he produced beside Fatcatogc. Once more, Kilo MOE is totally ingested in wonderful plays on words and a sound that flawlessly emphasizes its fashion statement. The rapper possesses his own label, called O.M.G Entertainment, inc., and the tune ‘Walk Within The Top‘ is put within the picture by the same name. Not only because of the song’s exclusiveness but it received positive response also because of the artist’s caliber who set unused benchmarks within the music industry.

Florida. The album is an audio soundtrack of Kilo about what exactly it was like all those years of struggle. Like the introductory “What a feeling” is him looking back claiming the victory as he has gotten through all of that unscathed. It’s one of those minutes in time you realize you did something enormous and you were able to bring it with you. All of his ideas come from individual experiences and aim to communicate a story with characters that are for the foremost portion colorful and begrimed. The ladies are grubby, the men are both colorful and grimy, and everyone is lying and risking. This the world he painted in Fly G’z.

Concluding with a piece of advice he conveys his fans, “Work hard and always keep your name up on the pedestal.”

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