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LG G8 ThinQ pricing leaked



On Reddit, a user named livedadevil statuses that he obtained the G8 SKU in the system, with the charge itemized as 1199.99 CAD for the all-new LG G8 ThinQ. Straight translation gets the price of the impending flagship as $903 USD, but then again the user states that pricing might change, however, consumers should not get their anticipations increased at this instant.

LG G8 ThinQ will originate with a triple camera arrangement at the back. The smartphone is also expected to have a waterdrop display notch and take in a Snapdragon 855 SoC. Conferring to LG’s newest declaration, the new LG G8 ThinQ will originate with a front-facing camera grounded on time-of-flight technology or 3D technology. This will empower the cameras to degree distance using infrared light and examine the 3D objects. It is LG’s take on Face ID Tech by Apple. Affording the supplementary leak this device is anticipated to derive with a 6.1-inch display, there is no info regarding the display tech undergoing.

The smartphone appears to lug code name the “Alpha” if we are firm of the certification documents posted in Brazil. LG is alleged to platform the 5G -abetted V50 ThinQ at MWC 2019 later this month. The V50 ThinQ is formerly dripped with a 4,000mAh battery. Nonetheless, the G8 ThinQ is anticipated to have the biggest battery size in the company’s G lineup.

Taking back it to the pricing, not protracted, after the LG devices are legitimately hurled, price slits start to occur, and preferably, you can get a much-discounted G8. LG G8 could be tossed in conjunction with the LG V50 at MWC 2019 which is going to take place in Barcelona. There’s a probability both devices story a flagrant difference in design, specifications, features, and more. Subsequently, this is the first stint LG has allegedly concluded up in creating the verdict to showcase both flagships at a stretch at MWC 2019.

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