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“Life is about improving myself”, says Turkish musician Güz Erdem




We have got only one life and an entire sea of opportunities for self-improvement since we started uttering words. It depends on the individuals how they are going to grasp each and every moment and learn for themselves. That’s what is the motto of the multi-talented and multi-learner musician, Güz Erdem, who explained this simple term with his life experiences. We have got so little time to gain an understanding of a variety of things. If you go to his Instagram profile and see his bio, you would already get to know what kind of man we are talking about here. Erdem filled up his life with various kinds of hobbies that made him who he is today, from producing music to learning programming. He believes no hardship is an obstacle for a dream to be achieved, – “With a smart amount of work, persistent dedication, and a true will to achieve their dream, one shall let no obstacle prevent them from reaching their vision.”

Erdem’s jazz music career started 2 years back when he started learning music and guitar theories and that’s where he got his inspiration for his musical journey.  When asked about his muse, the answer was Herbie Hancock and his tunes filled up Erdem’s mind, and couldn’t get them out of it and for good. By now he has released nine singles and two albums and more under creation. All of them are available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Google Play Music, SoundCloud, Deezer, and Tidal under his name. His current project You Are Your Own Light is based on the conceptions of inspiration and motivations. The reason behind such concepts is that he thinks that no individual should step back from experimenting with new things in their lifetime, and that’s how a person grows their personality. Without experimentation, not only one won’t achieve anything, but they will also skip on the valuable life experiences they may gain throughout their career.

We scrolled through Güz Erdem’s official website and were at awe with his photography and artistic skills. His 3D collection can be both admired as well as ordered and it will knock at your door in no time. And the list of his services starts with customizable designs, price negotiations, and free shipments, but unfortunately, this service is only for Turkey residents. Erdem is a self-made artist and one-man army when it comes to his music, and he considers this as his only challenge in his career. He tries to be inclusive with his instruments which stretches his production time and hinders his live performances. But no matter the challenges, he keeps on trying each and every day, and his love for music keeps him motivated and helps him produce high-quality tunes and chords.

Confidence is what makes a person complete and gives them the spine to go-ahead in life. And one requires enough guts and confidence if you are a growing artist and Erdem definitely has these requirements. When discussed about his self-reflection and music, he believes that till now, his music production has been quite good and has some quality in it (and definitely not vague). He said, “My quality comes from my immense dedication to music production and theory learning. Even though I prove to excel in my field, I believe no musician can claim that they are the best in a general field like jazz music. Every musician is their best in their own specific respective field.”

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There is no pain you’re receding. – Güz Erdem. My own Pink Floyd Gallery and Museum. #pinkfloyd

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We couldn’t resist but ‘stalk’ his Instagram profile of such a wholesome person, and from his bio and posts, it has been confirmed that he is a huge fan of English Tea. With a total of 688 followers, Erdem is also a great admirer of historical figures of Turkey and likes to know more about them. And as there goes a saying, history inspires us to create the present. Each and every photograph reflects a part of him and his learnings. He sees around him and admires each and every corner his eyes can catch. Once again, it has been proved that his surroundings have inspired his current project, as said earlier. The songs are a subtle juxtaposition of calming vocals and a string of tunes that will take you to a different land on its magic carpet. Yes, it has got that kind of power. It is a sheer treat to listen to this evocative track.

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Fancy a cuppa? ☕️

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Erdem’s future plans consist of perseverance and creating more and more music to gift to the world and the music industry. The list continues with pursuing his originality in his compositions, improve his production quality and style, and definitely gems to discover. If you still haven’t discovered his albums, what are you waiting for? Güz Erdem should be a part of the playlist for the Jazz music admirers and every next music lover.




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