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Lorri Haines: Entrepreneur, Family Man & on The Road to Success



Some claim knowing when to throw your hat in the ring is a matter of luck; others see it as a science, not unlike disregarding all odds for the horse you feel will win. But to many, it’s viewed as a craft mastered over years of hard work, dedication, and an unfaltering refusal to stay down when failure comes knocking.

In other words, the recipe for all good entrepreneurs.

Meet Lorri Haines

In his own words, Lorri Haines is a “Full-time geek, investor, part-time jeweller, wannabe entrepreneur….” While a good start, we’d argue there’s much more to that. In fact, a quick glance through his socials has us correcting to “soon-to-be entrepreneur” while bringing the word “successful” to mind. That is, of course, if we were ignoring the fact that Lorri Haines already is an entrepreneur (but more about that later.)

So Who is Lorri Haines?

As you already know, any dynamic social media presence is the equivalent of ‘best foot forward.’ On closer inspection, behind the scenes, it’s clear there’s a lot of work going on. To begin with, no chiselled physique appears overnight. He and his girlfriend, Ferne McCann, display all the signs of an active, healthy lifestyle, with the added help of having a 5 (and) 4-year-old children to run around after.

Together, when they’re not spending quality time with their children, they find the time to make appearances at press events across the UK, often causing quite the stir for tabloids with their chic outfits and perfectly coiffed hair intermediate close friends, family parties and trips are also a regular occurrence for this dynamic duo, with a loving supportive family, hard work every day and plenty of family get-togethers forming a large part of their lives.

But much like a toned body, the lavish lifestyle doesn’t come easy.

The Hard Work Behind The Success

In Haines’ case, it came at the price of 11 years of persistent hard work in his professional life paired with continual self-work in his personal life.

A Businessman Mindset

Getting his beginnings in the Jewellery Making industry, it was clear Haines’ was never going to take the conventional route. Moving on, he branched out into the consulting business, perhaps then getting his first taste of the influence behind digital marketing and its power to change both lives and mindsets. Throughout, Haines was amassing expertise in the digital realm, honing his skills in the unbeatable combo of business and IT. Continuing on Haines’ thread towards his present-day success, we see him dabble in his first concrete steps towards becoming a fully-fledged entrepreneur. And last but by no means least – starting as most self-made innovators do – he invested.

The Natural Progression of Success

Cropping up alongside Haines’ extensive list of achievements, work experience, and steady career advancements are several self-made businesses, following a pattern of – found, grow, and sell. The result appears to come with Haines net worth in the region of £7.2 million and his companies turnovers are all  6 digit figure price tags that Haines seems to have wisely funnelled directly into his current business endeavours.

But that’s not all Haines has reinvested. Finding success in the modern-day business scene could be likened to carving away at a large concrete block. Choice by choice, investment by investment, and inevitably – failure by failure – the chips fall from the block, revealing the key to success. And it’s not one he’s kept to himself. 

Giving Back

Perhaps a natural conclusion to Haines’ up-and-coming story is that he’s now helping others to do the same. Part of business fund, Capsa Funds, Haines is in the business of making business. As CEO, Haines offers crucial funding to individuals, start-ups, businesses to help them reach their developmental goals. Leveraging his own experience alongside tried & tested developmental and investing models, Haines ensures companies have the rock-solid foundation they need to grow and survive in ever more competitive markets. Furthermore, having navigated cleaning, hospitality, jewellery, marketing, and deep technology markets, Haines can provide an invaluable cross-sector approach, sharing vital knowledge and inspiration to match all clients’ needs.

A Say in The Tech Sector

If that sounds like a full-time job, Haines somehow finds time to head another company – in the IT sector. “Working under the motto of ‘Tomorrow’s technology,’ at his IT firm, a team of professionals are constantly striving to achieve the unprecedented, staying on the cutting edge of the latest advancements in IT Services, AI, blockchains, and all things tech. Keeping their finger on the high-tech pulse, the IT team mastermind quality web and mobile applications while offering consulting services.

An Unstoppable Will to Achieve 

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while rightfully earning the title of family man – Haines’ hardworking ethic clearly applies to all aspects of his life. He appears to be as active in his home life as he is on the professional scene, always striving for more and, ultimately – perfection.

However, while living a lavish lifestyle, it’s easy to see that Haines hasn’t forgotten the path that led him to his current success. Paving the way for those like him, Haines has refused to pull up the ladder behind him. Instead, he’s curating an honest and hardworking business strategy to inspire, encourage and motivate a new generation of entrepreneurs and innovators. All-the-while, you’ll still find him working on making jewellery, brandishing some of his luxurious watches and continuing to expand his creative skillset. 

And finally

With all the above under his belt, we think Haines could afford to lose the ‘wannabe’ sections of his self-description. An increasingly familiar face, we expect to see more of this inveterate entrepreneur and solid salesman. So, be sure to follow along to see where Haines goes next. As a clear example that self-work pays off, it’s worth keeping track of Haines for the motivational factor alone. Or for the sheer heart-warming effect that comes from seeing a happy family grow and prosper. And, what’s more, he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Assuming the role as leader among up-and-coming entrepreneurs, Haines remains as promising as ever – watch this space.

Editor-in-Chief at DroidJournal. A tech-enthusiast, guitarist, and an anime fanboy!

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