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Madison Prewett Flaunts Her Friendship With Selena Gomez Based On ‘Faith’!




Madison Prewett is friends with singer Selena Gomez. And she bases her friendship on ‘Faith’. Read below to know how these two are so closed and how Faith is working between them!

‘Love is in the air’ they say, but where is friendship? Well, friendship is always in the sky, sometimes beyond them. Just like that Madison Prewett and widely famous singer Selena Gomez is like friendship goals when they are together. Selena was with Madison post her breakup with Peter Weber. And she threw the ‘Bachelor’ alum a ‘Game Night Par-tay’.

Their friendship was indeed surprising however, we’re happy it worked out. Madison believes in relationships having faith. When she appeared in the season of The Bachelor when Peter Weber was a participant in. She precisely cleared everybody that faith is important to her. She denied sleeping with Peter during Fantast Suite Week on the show. As she wanted to stay true to herself.

Prewett has made a promise to herself that she’ll save herself until marriage. Peter promised to be with her, however, everybody witnessed he didn’t. As he slept with the other two women. Victoria Fuller and Hannah Ann Sluss were the women Weber slept with during the Fantasy Suite Dates.

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Madison volunteered to leave the show after finishing as a runner-up. She became famous, and her brief to stay true to herself was loved by the audience.

Madison Prewett on friendship with Selena Gomez based on faith

After moving on from The Bachelor incident, Madison made herself clear as she doesn’t want to date anybody. She’s more focused on her friendships and of course, herself.

After appearing on the show, Madison became friends with Selena shortly. It was indeed a shock for fans, however, they loved this duo. Selena is a legit fan of The Bachelor. However, she met Prewett at Hillsong Church, and soon they both hit off. They have much more in common as well.

Prewett’s say on their friendship is that her faith became the “foundation” of their friendship.

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On Monday, June 15, in an interview with Us Weekly, Madison revealed that – “(Faith) is something that is just a really big part of our friendship. I’m very selective with who I allow to really, like, get really, really, close to me.”

She further continued – “And with those that I really invite to that space, it’s really important to me that we’re just pushing each other and encouraging each other in our faith, and just being there for each other on the good days, the bad days and encouraging and spring for each other along the way.”

These two women have set friendship goals as they were there for each other.

Tell us how do like their friendship and how “faith” plays an important role in your relationships? Until then, stay tuned for more of The Bachelor and Bachelorette news!

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