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Marc Guggenheim On The Latest Episode Of Legends Of Tomorrow: Why They Chose Arrow?

Legends of Tomorrow has currently aired four episodes on Netflix and The CW for season 5. And it’s running successfully. However, we’ve to know why did they take chance by including the Arrow plot in the last episode. Hence, we’ve got you all the answers you were questioning for straight from the mind of the person who created that plot.

Legends Of Tomorrow: Marc Guggenheim On Choosing Arrow for the finale episode

Now, we all know how Legend Of Tomorrow risked with the Arrow in the latest and finale episode of season 5. So, let’s know what the consulting producer and co-developer of the show, Marc Guggenheim has to say about that.

“I think the only two audibles I called in terms of adding in Easter eggs were the joke that’s at Arrow’s expense when Nate describes the Hood show and Zari says it’s dumb.

That was my ad-lib. And when (Dominic Purcell) was being Dhon, as in Khan, I asked him to quote a line from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan directly because I love Wrath of Khan.”

Added Marc in an interview with EW.

Well, it looks to fan that Marc has some issues related to the departed series just because he planned the Arrow storyline for Batman. However, to clear the air, we are here to tell you that it’s nothing true. Marc has no issues, rather, he enjoys co-developing such shows and series with such plots.

He himself has co-developed a series that successfully ran for eight seasons. And it ended in the beginning of this year.

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Marc’s advice on loving his creation.

Marc’s choices at choosing the plot of the series and movies he develops speak a lot about him. While it was his directorial debut, he chose to take a shot at Arrow on Legends Of Tomorrow.

And according to him, it generated a few laughs at his own expense. Guggenheim laughingly responded to a fan’s compliment considering the moment:

“If you can’t laugh at yourself, then you’re not really trying.”

Well, we’d love to tell Marc how true words he has uttered. The episode title has indeed been inspired by FRIENDS, one of the most favorite and popular sitcoms of all time.

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The season 5 finale episode will be airing on The CW next week on Tuesday, June 2. Stay tuned at 9 p.m. ET on The CW for the epic episode to stream. Till then you can binge-watch all the other seasons and other content on Netflix.


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