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Marvel’s Eternals: Will it explain unsolved the mystery of Infinity Stones in MCU?




Marvel’s Eternals could explain the last missing piece in the puzzle surrounding the Infinity Stones and its origins. The post-credit scene of Avengers had introduced Thanos, the psychopathic Titan. Little was known that about his crazy ambitions of acquiring the Infinity Stones to restore balance to the universe as he understood it. Eternals, if decodes this last mystery, will be the ‘how it all began’ prequel to the entire MCU.

Gradually one MCU movie after another started revealing the power contained within these Infinity Stones, until Avengers: Infinity War, which showed that the person having all six stones at once is the most powerful being in the universe, which happened to be Thanos. After Thanos accomplished his mission to destroy half the population of the universe using the combined power of all the Infinity Stones, he had destroyed them. That apparently was the end of Infinity Stones as we know it. But the enigma behind their origin still remains and every MCU fan out there is curious to find that out.

The Infinity stones are believed to be singularities themselves which preceded the birth of the universe. These singularities were then concentrated into ‘stones’ with the help of cosmic forces by an ancient race known as the Celestials. Guardians of the Galaxy showed a Celestial wielding the Powe Stone. In Avengers: Endgame, the Soul Stone was found on the planet of Vormir, also known as the ‘the center of Celestial existence’. But with downfall and near-extinction of the Celestials, the Infinity Stones were scattered across the universe and concealed carefully. The Power Stone was hidden on the planet called Morag in a sacred temple. The Space Stone was concealed within the Tesseract. Similarly, the Mind Stone and the Reality Stone were planted within other objects. The Time Stone was guarded by the Masters of the Mystic Arts and the Soul Stones location unknown. But who hid these Stones?

The pieces of evidence amassed from the comics indicate that someone from Earth was behind the concealment of these Stones. The Tessaract containing the Space Stone at Odin’s house was looked after the Nine Realms. The Dark Elves, who were linked to Earth, got their hands on the Reality Stone. The Masters of the Mystic Arts at Kamar-Taj, headquartered in Nepal, was responsible for securing the Time Stone. Comics suggest that these masters were aware of the location of the Power Stone as well. All this converges towards the clue that the Infinity Stones were on Earth before they were scattered. But who brought them on Earth? When, how, and why were they scattered?

The Stones have been of tremendous importance in the MCU. Eternals would be the perfect time for Marvel creators to throw light on the final missing piece about the initial fate of the Infinity Stones in the MCU.

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