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Mary-Leigh Moseley Shows Off Incredible Vocal Talent On Her Second Studio Track, Titled “El Dorado”



ML Moseley is an Atlanta-based pop/R&B performer. When she was six years old, she became interested in music. When she was sixteen, she had her first singing class, and she became an expert in the classical style of music. Her passion for music and her voice talent has only increased since then. Since then, she has evolved into a more modern artist.

She was well-received for her breakthrough pop tune “Thin White Line,” and her vocal range impressed admirers. Mary Leigh’s lovely melodies and composition will be included in her forthcoming ventures.

Mary-Leigh Moseley and Her Music Journey:

‘Music’ has been a part of her life since she was able to speak. Four-year-old Mary belted out Sheryl Crow’s “First Cut is the Deepest” in my mother’s car after getting picked up from pre-school, and it was my first musical memory. Musically inclined was her grandma, who was (and still is) the largest influence on her life. Her constant encouragement to take singing lessons and perform in front of a crowd was legendary.

Mary-Leigh Moseley and Her Single Second “El Dorado”

“El Dorado” not only displays ML Moseley’s songwriting talents, but it also figuratively addresses the subject of toxic masculinity in society today, as well as mental walls that individuals throw up in relationships. She is also working on her debut EP, which has been a long-term desire of hers.

Where can you find her?

You can find Mary-Leigh Moseley on her social media platforms, and on Spotify.


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