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Meditative Animal’s New Album “Social Gravity” Takes Nick Mirisola’s Music To The Next Level





Albums ought to be the best part of any singer’s music journey. They get to collect all their compositions in one place. “Meditative Animal” by Nick Mirisola is one such music project which is taking the world by its tunes. And “Social Gravity” is sure to take up its force and break the records of all other albums.

But before we talk about “Social Gravity” a little bit more. Let’s see who’s behind Meditative Animal.

What is the Meditative Animal?
Nick Mirisola’s music project is called Meditative Animal. It’s indie alternative folk-rock with jazz, blues, hip hop, funk, and reggae elements that blend into a unique original track.

In addition to singing and composing the music and lyrics, Nick plays guitar, harmonica, hand percussion, keyboards, and bass and frequently features other artists. Nick also does the artwork. He has also taken music production and business classes with Berklee College of Music and was called a genius by the people who tested his IQ.

Nick has been singing since he was a child and creating songs since 2000. Meditative Animal has been in the top 20 on SoundCloud for their Folk/Singer-Songwriter genre, and has been on ReverbNation’s national chart top 100 for singer-songwriters, and is regularly in the top ten for the Portland Maine region.

Previous projects Echoes Left In My Head, Timed Temperance, and Telescope Eyes received over 50,000 spins on global FM radio.

Nick Mirisola is a self-proclaimed Duddha and an appointed Dudeist priest who has spent his whole life singing and creating songs. He is an ancient soul with a youthful heart predestined to become the next renowned musician in the music industry, produced by Moonlit Creative Works at the Moonlit Creative Works facility in Springvale, Maine.

What about Social Gravity?

“Social Gravity” will energize his fan base and propel his music to new heights. It includes seven tunes drawn from a collection of over 20 years of composition and plays like a best hits EP. It also features talented artists Kirsten Glidden, John Dixon Mirisola (his brother), Charis Moore (his niece), Lil Beats (his nephew), and not but not the least, Harley Moody.

The album has intellectual and enlightening lyrics combined with musical backdrops that exude tremendous energy and pleasant vibrations and Nick’s own artwork. A unique music lyric video for the title track is also available on YouTube to commemorate the release of “Social Gravity.”

Where can you find the Meditative Animal?

Follow Meditative Animal on Spotify and Instagram. You can also check his website to keep updated.


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