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Meet the mother of Hip-Hopera: Celiane The Voice




Music is a crazy cosmo. It can take you anywhere, like Aladin’s carpet. It has the magical power of rejuvenating the mood within seconds. A music piece might take you back to your happiest time. And music lovers will always appreciate good music no matter who the person is.

Celiane The Voice is one such artist who deserves much appreciation and applause. Her prowess as a singer makes her songs transcend dimensions. Based in the city of Los Angeles, Celiane is immaculately seeping into the music industry and marking her position. Just like her songs, her presence is very unique, with the unconventional techno-human dress-up, challenging the audience’s very perception about conscious reality and freedom. Highly inspired by video games and anime, and comic book heroes she read all her life.

How is her music different from others? Celiane has the training of 20 years in opera and jazz, and she juxtaposes both with subtlety. Her odyssey from being de-motivated by her superiors because of her genre to making her own unique genre is heart-melting.

“I love music so much and I love dubstep, and strings, and hard-hitting bass, I said I had to make music that includes these elements. It is just the voice I have and I am grateful.”

She named her genre as Electronica Hip Hopera, music pieces stringed with the elements of electronic music with the dubstep and jagged sounds. Apparently her “music orgasm” was given by, like, Whitney Houston, Daft Punk, Herbie Hancock, Celine Dion, and many more, who influenced her life and taste in music deeply. Their songs are ripe with passion and emotions which makes them worthwhile to listen.

Celiane’s vocal range is particularly impressive. She is able to sing with passion and soulfulness while showcasing amazing lyrical mastery and vocal control. Her dynamics are absolutely spotless and she is truly able to carry a song from quiet to loud, taking listeners hand in hand through an amazing emotional rollercoaster.

She has performed in various events like Halloween Soul Tribute Show (2019), The Olive Festival (2019), Afro Comic Con (2018), Silicon Valley Comicon (2018), and many more.

Celiane The Voice has recently released her single album called Systematic, and no doubt, it’s rocking and soothing at the same time.

When asked why she chose such genre, she said:
“I notice how institutions are trying to mechanize the mind of humankind.  So I use a visual representation of this when I perform.  I just made it something beautiful.  I call it being a techno-human.   We have technology that we are using that we really don’t understand but is made to be a slave to it.  We now have sexbots, that was addressed in my favorite anime, “Ghost In The Shell”.  At what point with technology do we lose who we are?  At what point are we no longer spirit and human? My art form explores love, consciousness, breaking free, and what that all really means.”


If we don’t support such emerging artists, the world will lose a lot of talent. As said, the music world is crazy, and it takes just one song to give a big break.

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