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Miami music composer Jae Mazor on his new album, music career and future endeavors!




Miami based singer and songwriter Jae Mazor’s life has been enveloped by music since he was an infant. Inspired by his mother Mirelle Almazor and supported and critiqued by his four siblings, Jae knew his future too would be based on music and that’s how his life turned out to be. He believes in the famous quote by Berthold Auerbach- Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life, and he tries to endow the same experience to his fans. His motive in life is to take people out of their ordinary life and give them hope and happiness. And it would be wrong to doubt his capabilities because he already has done the awesome work. Jae eagerly waits to listen, “You really touched my heart” every time he leaves his stage. When our music composer opens his mouth to sing, he has the gift to make people feel good and touch them emotionally.

Talking about his style and genre of music, it would be wrong to restrict Jae within one genre or a theme. His experiments start with R&B, Freestyle to Pop and Electronic, and many more. But he always keeps it in mind not to make his compositions monotonous and unique in its own ways. And the ingredients are sweat, blood, and love for music. Born on August 29, 1989, his mother passed on her talent to the five children. Even she had her own records that she made to other Haitian music, assured that they listened to those records. Jae Mazor’s inspirations had been Boys II Men, Bryan McKnight, and Ray Charles, and definitely, his parents, back when he saw them so happy creating music in a recording studio which made him realize how impactful and influential it can be. Thus, his career started with his sibling and recorded his first-ever song,   Feeling Me, 12 years back, and the positive responses kick-started his journey. The cityscape of Miami crafted his fashion sense- urban, luxury with a classy look, and people have often mistaken him as a rapper.

In an interview, Jae Mazor confessed that he wishes to stay an independent artist and partner with major labels, instead of signing to one. This will give him enough freedom to experiment with his music which he will lack or even won’t get the chance if he is under any music company. And now that we are talking about creations, his new release is waiting for October 9 to reach his fans, which is named  All Through The Night, produced by DJ SPANX. So, definitely keep an eye on it.

Jae’s major break was back when he flew to Japan to put on a concert at one of the biggest clubs in the city Picadilly with DJ Lead of Hot 97. His ambition is to make his music strike every emotion that is relatable to everyone’s life, as well as create a little globe where every soul can seek refugee from the real world. He has also released another single at the beginning of the year, called Born 2 Luv, which is a piece of freestyle music with a touch of RnB style of delivery. This fall he is also bringing another RnB project titled VIBEZ. Jae Mazor’s future endeavors consist of Afrobeat, EDM, House music, K-Pop, reggaeton & more, as well as be on the Billboard.

Concluding with his piece of advice we should all keep in mind- “Hard work definitely pays off, make the right choices, stay focused, self motivate and learn to be a student in the business before you jump into the race. Most of all, be dedicated to your craft and except the bad as well as the good. Create a plan and execute it with the right resources and build a team with like-minded individuals for the best results.”


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