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Microsoft Flight Simulator: Release Date, New Airports and Weather



Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a forthcoming flight simulator produced by Asobo Studio specifically for Windows 10 and Xbox One and released by Xbox Game Studios. It simulates the entire World using textures and feature maps from Bing Maps.

Microsoft Azure technology can create three-dimensional images of the world’s elements, such as land, trees, vegetation, buildings, and water. Some players were given the Alpha Version of the game.

Asobo’s in-house built game engine will support the Flight Simulator and exploit data from Bing Maps.

Azure AI analyzes map data and photogrammetry to create 3D images of structures, trees, landscapes, etc.

It helps the simulator to view certain parts of the environment in 3D photo-realism and some parts in high definition. Realistic mechanics and weather systems and the application of real-world weather data will also be possible.

Release Date

Microsoft Flight Simulator was revealed in E3 2019. It is being built by Asobo Studio in France and will be distributed by Xbox Game Studios. The game is expected to be launched in 2020.


This trailer was revealed at E3 event in 2019. Since then no further trailer or teaser has been revealed.

New Airports?

Airports in 2006 appeared like a handful of cereal boxes sunk into poor information territory. Airports are looking like airports by 2020. Maybe even more beautiful than real airports.

In the latest Flight Simulator, you will be able to fly anywhere in the country, and it will replicate actual flight operations in real-time.

The creators have explained that if the game lacks a link to live air traffic details AI would take over and improve flight patterns.

A Sight of the game

One player involved in the Microsoft Flight Simulator alpha play has publicly posted an hour of playing on YouTube. The video clip depicted a relaxing flight in the sky that later turned into a rainy storm and it looked beautiful. Sadly, Microsoft was working fast on the leak and even removed the video from YouTube.

Flight Simulator

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The storm network is running deep in here. Clouds throw clouds above, then around, the scenery below. These are made from 32 volumetric layers which makes them look much softer than the normal skyboxes you see while looking up in games.

Warm, cold, and rainy fronts travel across the world, producing hurricanes and rain as they go. So those storms, in turn, affect the handling of the aircraft.

The game’s closed alphas have been going on for some time now. The closed beta might be when Asobo opens the doors and encourages more people to check the game out.

Nevertheless, VR cannot be assured at the release, says Neumann. However, the team is still working on the application, and it feels like a when not an if.

Coming month, a closed beta version kicks off.

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