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Model Sem Graham Shares How a Simple iPhone Changed Her Life For Better!




The 2020 pandemic has pulled out many secret creators through social media, and their lives have taken a new turn as a result. It’s not shocking that the powerful blend of a decent phone camera and a constantly updated feed will draw thousands of followers. And now, after a year of being within the four walls, we’ve been blessed with a slew of influencers, large and small, doing wonders. Whether by photographs, animations, or even Insta Reels, Sem Graham, a rising model, and social media influencer, witnessed the same thing.

She is financially independent with the help of her Instagram after fleeing violent parents and an unsafe home setting. If you’re wondering how she did so, let’s look at her history and how she became who she is now.


Sem Graham started her career as an aspiring model and worked her way up to doing runway shows. But her life took an abrupt turn when she moved from Florida to Utah. When she arrived in Utah, she found that there were no agencies prepared to consider new models. Yet she didn’t lose her self-assurance. That’s when she learned the strength of a basic iPhone and how it can give her a lot of attention.

“So, there aren’t many modeling agencies in Utah unless I travel, which I couldn’t do because I had little or no money and was living in my car. But I had an iPhone with a camera, and I decided I had to keep going, and my ways to do this were social networking “, Graham shared during an interview.

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She was still aware that she wanted to do something special because her home life was less than ideal. Sem Graham was planning to be alone on the road because she did not have consistent financial and emotional support. Sem, who is in her early twenties, built her Instagram following on her own, amassing nearly 750,000 followers. She has a home at such a young age, and while it does not matter anything to others, it means a lot to her. She finds this to be one of her most important life accomplishments to date.

Sem plans to graduate school and seek a Ph.D. until she is 26 years old. She is actually a psychology major and a voracious learner.


One of the most devastating experiences in Graham’s life occurred when she was in a car crash with her mother soon after the birth of her sister. Her mother lost her spine as a result of the crash and resorted to alcohol for comfort. Her unsupportive father had already given up on the family and was avoiding all obligations. He used to drive his wife away by giving her alcohol and locking her in the room. Sem and her younger sister were the only ones left to watch out for each other.

Sem Graham couldn’t bear her father’s drinking and gambling, and her mother’s emotional and physical abuse any longer, and she eventually wanted to move on and build her own course. She had to sleep in her car before actually getting a fast-food job. Sem started building her Instagram following after asking her teachers for gas money and relying on energy bars and tomato juice and learning she might bring this money to good use.

Despite all of her challenges, Sem did extremely well in high school. She squeezed in as much time as she could for her education, additional courses, and part-time work, converting herself into a full-time nerd.


Miss Delray Beach Teen provided Graham with much-needed publicity and spotlight at the age of 16, which contributed significantly to her future success. It just took one video for her to become the face of Instagram. Thousands of new followers began to appear during the day, improving the mark. Her income comes from charging her fans for her provocative material.

She also receives thousands of dollars from OnlyFans and Patreon web-based subscription sites, which offer exclusive content to fans. Sem uses social media to share her battles with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and trichotillomania in order to increase illness consciousness for others.

In either way, money is essential to life at the end of the day. Even though netizens are eager to judge someone based on their profiles and feeds nowadays, it is still important to note that not everyone has the same story and challenges. Sem Graham may be sharing provocative content, but the same money is getting food to the table; the same money that has empowered her and provided her with a home away from the abuses. We are deeply influenced by her experience and hope that social media will help and give a taste of liberation to others.


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