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Most popular 5 movies about programmers





Sometimes it seems that programmers are people who live in a different world. They have a separate reality that is not so close to the reality of common people. They even gather in some areas to increase their productivity. We are all aware of Silicon Valley, but this territory is not an exception anymore. Every big city tries to establish more comfortable conditions for the IT team to attract them. It is known that qualified IT specialists have good salaries to spend money on their territory, so it is profitable enough to create such islands of IT concentration. Sure, many people who are not programmers are interested in this kind of lifestyle to understand if they can change their profession. The simplest and comfortable way to become acquainted with the programmer’s thoughts and habits is to watch famous movies about this topic. We asked coding experts from Assignment Core about the number of requests related to IT lifestyle research, and they proved our assumptions. More and more people dream of changing their sphere of activity and considering programming as a general option. If you are among them or just want to have a good time watching an exciting movie, here is a list of 5 films that can capture you and even change your life.

Top 5 famous movies about programmers

We didn’t use rating, box office recipes, or nominations for placing those films, because we believe that each of them deserves to be called the best.

  1. The social network (2010). IMDb – 7,7. It is a biography drama about the development of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg’s life. The story starts with Mark’s student’s age and ends with the outcomes of the trial. The movie gives a general idea of how startups that leads to billions of dollars work. We all know that Facebook still works, and Mr. Zuckerberg is still rich so that you can predict the general upshot of the film, but it is not the authors’ main idea. They wanted to show how high-level programming leads to management problems and that you can’t avoid them. Another truth is that nobody, including Mark Zuckerberg, didn’t take part in creating the movie, so don’t believe any word they say. 
  2. The imitation game (2014). IMDb – 8,0. The modern story about a programmer from the past. The movie is about Alan Mathison Turing, whose most important task was to hack the German encryption machine. If you heard the name Enigma, you know what this movie is about. The main plot of the film is based on real events and shows how science can influence politics and war. It is hard to imagine that the end of World War II depended on the group of scientists from London but not on the generals and brave soldiers. The upshot can seem unfair for the modern person, but it is a reality that we must accept like our past and make conclusions for the future.
  3. The fifth estate (2013). IMDb – 6,2. This movie presents a story about Julian Paul Assange and his brainchild WikiLeaks. This website opens secret information for the whole world and positions itself like an area of truth. The reaction of countries whose secrets were declassified is predictable. They want to stop this process and try to refute the stories. Unfortunately, this process is not simple, and every day, updating facts leads to some secret agents’ death. The film makes everyone think about what kind of world we want to live in. Should it be more open and less safe? 
  4. Ex Machina (2014). IMDb – 7,7. A sci-fi thriller that didn’t happen in reality. This film is about artificial intelligence and human interaction. It shows that human feelings are inherent only for humans, and if we forget about them, we can get into trouble. The existence of artificial intelligence is contradictory itself, and the movie shows it perfectly. To believe or not the robots is still an open question that becomes more and more actual every year. This movie will give you an imaginary picture that can help you to form your own opinion.
  5. Untraceable (2008). IMDb – 6,2. The thriller tells the story of a programmer who was a killer at the same time. He created a website named and started to attract people to follow it. The main problem of the movie is that it seems that all crimes are illogical and inconsistent. The film represents the principle of the Goldberg machine. This device performs a simple action in an unbelievably complicated way. Some call it an imitation of action. Programmers sometimes use this principle to complicate their coding for future hacker attacks.

Why should you watch movies about programmers?

The major reason is simple — they represent a lifestyle never seen before. Programmers are already not a new elite, they are between elites, but they are invaluable. This status at some point makes them invincible, and it is very interesting to watch. Of course, if you consider becoming a programmer, you need to do much more than just to watch movies. However, it can be a good start. Such movies show different role models in one profession, and you are free to choose which one to follow. 

You can notice that all the movies we presented are not so old. For example, we didn’t include The Matrix and this is a genius film without a doubt. There are two reasons because of it. The first one is those old movies are much slower than modern movies. The plot unfolds so leisurely that you can check your emails at the same time and don’t miss anything important. The second one is that almost all already saw them or heard about them. In our list, we wanted to pay attention to the movies that you probably missed among the information you get every day, but they deserve to be watched. We do hope you will enjoy the movies described in our list. 


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