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Naraka Bladepoint: Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay and Story!

Yash Mahendra



24 Entertainment’s Naraka: Bladepoint, is a competitive online hack-and-slash MMO. These days online PVP games are released by various developers fairly often but 24 Entertainment is bringing something new to the genre. Featuring a system that lets you utilize the environment around you through parkour and a grappling hook, no part of the map is truly off-limits.

Here’s everything we know about Naraka: Bladepoint:

Release Date

Although it was originally planned that Naraka: Bladepoint would be released at some point in 2020, it seems to have been delayed. However, the games’ Steam page informs us of a SUMMER 2021 release.

So far, 24 Entertainment has only confirmed a PC launch via Steam. Though Naraka: Bladepoint won’t come to consoles right away, 24 Entertainment hopes to port it over to PlayStation and Xbox at a later date.


A trailer for Naraka: Bladepoint premiered at the 2019 game awards.

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The Naraka: Bladepoint storyline remains a mystery to us. While developers have spent most of their promotional efforts displaying the extensive combat and overall feel of the game, they’ve shared scarce plot details. The game will include Crimson Night, the red-clad female figure shown in the trailer and promotional images, and takes place in the “mysterious Eastern realm of Morus.”.


The official description on the games’ Steam page is as written below:

“NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is a 60-player action Battle Royale offering players insane mobility powered by parkour and grappling hook, a vast arsenal of melee and ranged weapons, and a roster of characters with powerful abilities—transform yourself into a gigantic Vajra Warrior and crush your enemies!”

As the screenshots and trailers suggest, blood and combat are central to Naraka’s focus. Utilizing block and parry mechanics, the game encourages players to hone their own playstyle and call upon their unique strengths when fighting enemies. If you enjoy thoughtful combat, you’ll likely love this game.

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