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Netflix’s ‘Dead To Me’ Season 2 is more mind-boggling than you think!




‘Dead To Me’ is a mind-boggling series!

Have you watched the new season of ‘Dead To Me’? You should, because it’s more amazing and twisty than you think!

Netflix is most known for bringing the best of content as possible. It presents to us new and binge-worthy women-centric contents as well. From ‘Orange is the new black’ to ‘Good Girls’. It has fulfilled every genre.

‘Dead to Me’ is another Netflix original series. The series hit the mobile and TV screens last year with two women’s friendship, forgiveness, and covering stuff-ups. It presented the Dark Comedy and Tragicomedy.

‘Dead To Me’ soon became one of the fans’ favorite fiction on Netflix. Its first dramedy season was a major hit. And now it is back with its second installment of the show. Fans are going crazy for it. It released today, Friday 8th May on Netflix.

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The Plot of ‘Dead To Me’ Season 1

The first season of ‘Dead To Me’ premiered on Netflix on May 3rd, 2019. Fans got hooked to it and hence, ended up watching it and were eagerly waiting for the next season. The series was on Top 4 on Netflix last year when it premiered.

The climax of the first season astonished the fans to its utter last. Hence, the year in between felt so long to wait for the second season.

The first season introduced us to two women Jen Harding (Christina Applegate) and Judy Hale (Linda Cardellini).

Jen’s husband dies in a hit-and-run. She determines herself to solve the crime. On the other hand, there’s another woman Judy. She had gone through a tragic loss of her own.

These two women met at the support group. There they get to know each other and become friends. They spend time with each other. Their friendship grows, and it turns out it was for something. And hence, a story and the plot take a twist from there. Judy had a truth she needed to tell Jen.

The Climax of season 1 ‘Dead To Me’

Judy Hale killed Ted Harding & Jen Harding killed Steve. 

Yes, Judy killed the husband of Jen, Ted. This was the ultimate truth and twisty shock and plot, Liz Fieldman and her writers’ team decided to give us. We knew about this through season one. However, what we didn’t know was that Judy would actually tell Jen she had killed her husband. The makers indeed surprised the viewers with it.

On the contrary, the season finale also made us see that Jen Harding killed Steve, Judy’s would-be husband. He was also in the car with her when she hit Ted’s car.

The fans went mad about it. They needed to watch another season soon. Indeed, the first season amazed us in every possibility. When the first season leaves the plot like a cliffhanger, it becomes more interesting. Then why wouldn’t anybody want season 2?

Watch Trailer of the Series!

‘Dead To Me’: The Ming-Blogging Season 2

‘Dead To Me’ is a binge-worthy show. Netflix dropped its trailer on March 24. The trailer looks so intriguing making fans watch it instantly.

At the end of the first season, we’ve seen the friendship of the two friends taking turns. When Jen kills Steve, she calls Judy. And the second season starts exactly from what should they do now thereafter.

Now, both the protagonist have killed their partners. Jen doesn’t know what to do. She looks freaked out in the second installment of the show. Judy tries to be with her. They both try to cover up the murder Jen did.

This friendship then turns out to be the truer one as soon as the series moves forward. Judy gets back with Jen. Even Jen’s children notice that. Little did they know, what their mother and her friend are up to.

Unlike season one, season two focuses more on both the issues the women are facing, family, and the murders they did individually. They hustle from every side to every destination. People and cops are now behind them. They are trying hard to escape all these.

And in all these processes the two women, turned best-friends are with each other in the whole voyage. They do have their moments of breaking up from each other. But the sweetest moments of their friendship could also be seen and loved by the fans in the second season.

The actors of the show have done justice to their characters.

‘Dead To Me’ is an all-in-one pack of friendship, murder, suspense, and whatnot.

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