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Netflix’s new show Away casts Hilary Swank: Trailer, Release Date and Trivia!



Netflix’s latest production ‘Away’ will be premiering on September 4, 2020. The Netflix original is set to take off its journey to space. The show is based on the story of astronauts in a spaceship, travelling in space.

The show is centred around the life of an astronaut called Emma Green, played by Hilary Swank. Emma leads a team of astronauts to Mars. Their journey to the planet and the struggles of being in a spaceship is the key theme of the show. Also, the emotional connection and the hard decision to leave their families back on Earth to carry on with the mission is covered.

According to inside sources, the nitty-gritty of the lives of the astronauts is also shown from a different light. Instead of making a show based on discovery and victory the creators of the show have depicted the lives of the characters from a different angle.


The emotional instability from staying away from their loved ones, the technical glitches they have to face and the general isolation which drives every astronaut mental is also depicted. Along with all of this, the role of confinement and inability to step outside in the real world and deprivation of natural air, nature, socialisation and luxurious commodities have also been shown.

Andrew Hinderaker, the creator of the show wanted to give a realistic and emotional touch to the show. He wanted the show to act as an insider to the lives of the astronauts, he wanted to bring their struggle, efforts and sacrifices to the table. The reason he went with Hilary Swank to play the role of the protagonist was that he felt no one but Swank could do justice to his character.

Swank, who gained appreciation and accolades for her work in Million Dollar Baby will be returning to the small screen with this show. When interviewed about her upcoming role, the 45-year-old actress was confident about her return to the acting industry after a brief hiatus. Swank had taken to directing and producing during her hiatus from acting.

The actress was excited to share the news of getting to play the lead female role in the show and expressed her gratitude for the same. Aside from Swank, Josh Charles will be playing Matt, Talitha Bateman will be playing Alexis Logan, Ato Essandoh will be playing Kwesi, Mark Ivanir will be playing Misha, Ray Panthaki will be playing Ram and Vivian Wu will be playing Yu.

Josh Charles, who will be playing Hilary Swank’s on-screen spouse, was thrilled to be cast alongside Swank. The actor disclosed in a private interview about how enthusiastic he is to be sharing the screen with the former. He also mentioned that the shooting for the show was very relaxed and that he enjoyed his time with the crew.

The shooting for the show started in August 2019 and ended in February 2020 in North Vancouver, Canada. The first season which is yet to be released has a total of 10 episodes and the list of the episodes has been officially released. Here is the list for your perusal :

  1. Go”, written by Andrew Hinderaker
  2. “Negative Return”, written by Jessica Goldberg
  3. “A Little Faith”, written by Janine Nabers
  4. “Excellent Chariots”, written by Ellen Fairey
  5. “Half the Sky”, written by Andrew Hinderaker
  6. “Space Dogs”, written by Jason Katims
  7. “Half the Sky”, written by Aditi Brennan Kapil
  8. “Spektr”, written by Jessica Goldberg
  9. “Vital Signs”, written by Chris Jones
  10. “Home”, written by Andrew Hinderaker

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