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Netflix’s Show Lucifer Renewed for Season 6: Here’s all you need to know!

Simone Singh



No one has been a stranger to the charms of LUCIFER MORNINGSTAR, and much to the Lucifans delight Netflix decided to renew the show! While the 5th season which was supposed to initially air on Netflix in May 2020 will now air in August 2020, was presumed to be the last season.

However, now with Netflix renewing the show’s contract for a 6th season, which is apparently rumored to be the last season of this nail-biting and super engrossing TV series. The much anticipated season 5 has left the fans waiting anxiously for any updates about the upcoming season. So here is what you need to know:

How Many Episodes Will Be There In Season 5?

According to sources the season 5 will be releasing in a two-part series, with the first series consisting of 8 episodes. Part one will air on August 21, 2020. With the split of the episodes in two-part series, we will get enough time to register the swirl of emotions and drama the new season will hurl upon us.

The Cast For Season 5

Well aside from Tom Ellis, Lauren German, D.B. Woodside, Rachael Harris, Aimee Garcia, Kevin Alejandro, and Lesley-Ann Brandt, Rob Benedict would be joining the cast of the show in season 5. While Tom Ellis has been vocal and open about the renewing of Lucifer, his co-stars haven’t commented so far. The release of season 5 will give us the much-needed update on the possibility of who may join or leave the cast of Lucifer for its Final Season.



Fan Theories

So here are some mind-blowing fan theories which not only have the fans internally screaming but also questioning their love and knowledge of the show so far.

  1. Ella Could be in Hell – We all know that Ella was one of the characters who worked closely with the devil. But it is speculated that her involvement might have led her to trade too much for Lucifer’s liking.
  2. Lucifer and Chloe’s Romance – After the much-awaited confession from the parties, it is still unclear for the fans whether the two will end up together or will the writers play the game of cat and mouse with us.
  3. Family Reunion?- With Lucifer’s return to Hell, would there be a family reunion? Considering his strained relations with his brother, would they flesh out more about Lucifer’s family?

The Story So Far

Season 4 was nothing unless of a whirlwind of drama, hurt and suspense. We saw Lucifer professing his love for Chloe. And the heartbreaking decision of Lucifer leaving Hell left all of us shocked! And of course, the discovery of Lucifer actually being the devil by the other characters was mind-boggling!

While we are excited to see the place which Lucifer so terribly wished to leave behind. We also want him to return back to earth, as the crimes won’t solve themselves now will they? What are you looking forward to seeing in season 5? Is it Lucifer and Chloe’s chemistry? The aftermath of Lucifer leaving Earth for Hell? What are your theories?

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