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NFL Thursday Night Football on Fox: Interesting new updates, and more details!




Thursday Night Football, or TNF, includes the National Football League (NFL) games that are broadcast on Fox on Thursday nights. The program is broadcast at 8:20 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST), and consists of one game of the subsequent matchweek of the regular NFL season.

The NFL Network first made an agreement with CBS in 2014 to simultaneously air its games on broadcast television. The entire TNF package was part of this deal. The deal was altered in the 2016 and 2017 season, and NBC was included as a second network alongside CBS. Both networks aired five Thursday Night games each. In 2018, NFL signed a long term deal with Fox, which runs until 2022. This deal will see Fox produce five seasons of the NFL from 2018 to 2022. Fox Sports airs the Thursday Night Football games of the regular NFL season.

NFL Thursday Night Football – Recent Updates

Fox Sports and NFL Network, as usual, will be carrying the Thursday Night Football mantle on its prime time broadcast schedule for the 2020 season. Joe Buck and Troy Aikman will be present in the booth for TNF. The games can also be viewed on Amazon Prime Video in select countries. Andrea Kramer and Hannah Storm will be on call for the broadcast on Prime Video.

Even though NFL’s deal with Fox runs till 2022, talks are already going on for the renewal of the deal for the future. These deals are not easy to make, and cost millions, if not billions, of dollars to sign. The current deal between NFL and Fox has an estimated value of $668 million, which could rise by 50 to 80% at the time of its renewal in 2022. Broadcasting the games on network television also generates huge revenues for NFL, as the games generate some of the highest prime time viewership numbers on television.

NFL might be looking to change its broadcast partners after its deal with Fox ends in 2022. These are still speculations, but with negotiations going on, executives at both companies would want to reach a new deal by the end of this year. Until then, you can enjoy your favourite games every Thursday night at 8:20 p.m. EDT, on Fox Sports.


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