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One Thousand Years of Slavery: Release Date, Cast, Trailer and more updates!

Smithsonian Channel with MTV Entertainment Studios and Bassett Vance Productions is going to premiere their riveting documentary series entitled One Thousand Years of Slavery. It will air on the 7th of February this year on their channel. They announced this project last year in August. This epic four-part series will be exploring the 1,000-year story of how slavery affected the past, still relevant in the present as it is shaping and framing the future.

What is it about?

BAFTA-winning British-Nigerian director David Olusoga will be unfolding the diverse stories of survival and tension during the slavery system. Each episode deals with the catastrophic but powerful riveting accounts of the individuals who suffered and survived slavery. The series will feature interviews with public figures, including Secretary Lonnie G. Bunch III, Senator Cory Booker, and actor David Harewood.

What the creators have to say about the show – “Slavery is not that long ago. It’s really recent. It’s painfully close to us, and it’s no surprise it’s still shaping our societies,” British-Nigerian director David Olusoga said. “Our aim is to break away from just seeing the slave trade as a phenomenon that exists after the conquest and discovery of the New World but to look back. It’s to set what happened in the New World in context, that it came from somewhere.” he also added.

“One Thousand Years of Slavery’ stretches the canvas beyond the 400 years we think we’ve traditionally learned about and I am thrilled to bring this storytelling to life with Smithsonian Channel,” Bassett Vance Productions co-founder, Angela Bassett.

One Thousand Years of Slavery: Trailer and Release!

Last year in August Smithsonian Channel has dropped the official trailer of the show. Click on the link below to watch it.

The official trailer describes the series as – “One Thousand Years of Slavery, a riveting new docu-series exploring the legacy of slavery and how our shared history can create a better future, will air on Smithsonian Channel in 2022.”

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