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Ooblets is out now! Gameplay, Features and Early Access!





Ooblets (originally known as Moblets) is a game for life-simulation. The game was released to Windows on July 15, 2020.

Glumberland, a two-person independent game production team composed of artist/programmer Rebecca Cordingley and designer Ben Wasser, has been developing the game since 2016. The game blends the Harvest Moon’s farming components with Pokémon’s monster set and combat mechanics.


Ooblets is a funky and beautiful farming simulator with bucket loads of appeal, with features like character customization, visiting several locations around its vivid and unusual environment, and collecting hundreds of objects throughout the game. There’s lots of planting and dancing as well, and overall it’s such a fun and relaxing sight for both eyes and ears.

The tale of the game will be about forming ties for both your ooblets and your town inhabitants. It has yet to be seen whether it takes place in the context of a coherent narrative or simply a series of open-ended quests. Including a backstory about the ooblets and how they came into being in this universe will be good!

No Multiplayer

Till now Ooblets is not a multiplayer game.


  • Plant yields on your farm and sell in town.
  • Create your ooblet unit, step it up, and unlock new moves in dance.
  • Model the character in a range of different outfits and accessories.
  • Enter a group of ooblets to have the first baby ooblet.
  • Compete in dance-offs to gain fresh seeds of ooblet and win tournaments.
  • Expand and decorate the home from a shackle to a beautiful farmhouse.
  • Get to meet and make contact with the townspeople if you can!
  • Complete daily tasks, win awards, help the Mayor save the city from suspicious powers, and open Oob’s secrets.


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Ooblets is available on the Epic Games Store and Xbox One, for Early Access. This means it comes with a few hiccups and glitches, but so far, because of its adorable graphics and laidback atmosphere, everyone is enjoying the part farm simulator. Although everybody seems to enjoy the game, some people are curious whether it allows multiplayer, or ever does.

And although it’s only available through Early Access on Xbox One and the Epic Games store, will it finally be on PS4 and Nintendo Switch?

I am final year engineering student pursuing CSE. Apart from studying, I'm a good sportsman. Likes to play cricket, volleyball, basketball and so on, and I'm a foodie, too.

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