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Paramount+ Wasteland: Release Date, Cast, and More Updates!

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Paramount+ Wasteland: Release Date, Cast, and More Updates!

Hello, Readers! Wasteland, a four-part CBS Reports documentary series that exposes the horrific impact garbage has on America’s rivers, will premiere exclusively on Paramount+.

Adam Yamaguchi, a CBS News journalist and executive producer, investigates the uncommon and inconceivable obstacles that Americans living in certain parts of the country face in protecting their health and property from pollution encroaching on their water and houses.

Paramount+ Wasteland: Release Date

The series will begin streaming only on Paramount Plus on Thursday, February 24, 2022, therefore you won’t be able to watch it on television. You’ll need an active Paramount Plus subscription to watch this docuseries.

You can subscribe for $4.99 a month (or $49.99 a year) to watch the platform’s episodes with “minimal commercial interruptions” through the Essential plan, or for $9.99 a month (or $99.99 a year) to stream without advertising with the Premium plan.


What is this about?

There are several ways in which the United States has continued to exacerbate the climate disaster, but Wasteland focuses on a subject that is occurring in much of the country’s backyard.

The series investigates America’s crumbling sewer systems and the consequences for people in their own homes and backyards. This is about more than just clogged pipes; Wasteland depicts the crisis’ long-term consequences across the country.

As the country fails to handle the increasingly severe situation, follow along as the series takes you into the homes of Americans who are finding their septic systems flooded with trash or their local water supplies contaminated with feces and other harsh chemicals.

Wasteland examines how we got here, the current status of waste management in our country, and what can and should be done to address the issues at hand.

Preview of the Episodes

Episode 1: “ALABAMA” – Yamaguchi reports on areas of the country where tens of thousands of people are forced to live near raw sewage because basic sanitary equipment is out of reach.

Episode 2: “NEW YORK – Yamaguchi travels to Mt. Vernon, New York, a wealthy hamlet in the shadow of New York City that is beset by a failing sewage system that threatens to swallow it whole.

Episode 3: “FLORIDA” – Yamaguchi reports from the Florida coastlines, where rapid urbanization, climate change, and excessive garbage have combined to create a perfect storm for the ecosystem.

Episode 4: “IOWA” – Yamaguchi investigates how large Iowa farms produce significantly more pig feces than the ecology can handle. As a result, garbage is entering the rivers, potentially endangering inhabitants’ health.


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