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Reign RoseGold switches gears in her marathon of greatness

Life never moves at the same speed.

Every day the sun rises and sets around the world. God designed the world to have different time zones; however, the sun rises no matter what.

Life never stops moving forward, and time never goes backward. Even people incarcerated feel the speed of life. In life, people’s lives move at incredibly different speeds.

Millions of people never optimize their potential in life. Which causes them to exist and not live. When a person is living and not simply going through the motions, life moves at its optimal pace. Greatness travels at its own speed and adjusts to a person’s specific coordinates of destiny.

Reign Rosegold is a different type of human species.

Major Recording Artist/Entrepreneur Reign Rosegold’s life travels at Ferrari Enzo speed. Every day Reign Rosegold’s eyes open; she understands the power of her dreams and aspirations. Reign Rosegold’s life is abnormal, esoteric, unbelievable, and aspirational.

Reign Rosegold creates music that empowers people’s deepest fears and pushes them beyond their boundaries. Hip-Hop is a ten-billion-dollar industry that impacts everything from religion to Wall Street. Reign Rosegold’s voice represents Generation Z consumers. Her music creatively paints an ultra-vivid picture of love, desperation, unyielding faith, and creative genius.

Jonthan P-Wright is a lead writer for Droid Journal and CVO of RADIOPUSHERS. RADIOPUSHERS is a leading digital branding agency for musicians/entrepreneurs.

Jonathan P-Wright

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