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Relic Horror Movie: Teaser Provides Never Before Seen Twist On The Haunted House!





Let’s face it, we are all fed up with this lockdown. We are bored at home most of the time. Most of us have pretty much exhausted all the content available. The best way to lift our moods is to watch something exciting. What is more exciting and thrilling than a horror movie? Relic is the perfect choice for that. The horror, the fresh twists are all there in the haunted house!

Relic is directed by debutant Natalie Erika James. It has James and Christian White on the screenplay. The movie premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on January 25, 2020. It is scheduled to release in the United States on July 10, 2020, by IFC Midnight.

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Who Stars In Relic?

The cast of the movie includes Robyn Nevin as Edna(the grandmother), Emily Mortimer as Kay(her daughter), Bella Heathcote as Sam(her granddaughter). Chris Bunton(Jamie), Jeremy Stanford(Alex), Steve Rodgers(Constable Mike Adler) also star in the movie.

Relic Cast

What Is The Possible Storyline Of The Movie?

Like most horror movies, even in Relic, there is the typical ‘haunted house’. The house that is set in the middle of nowhere and we can see that horror lurks in the house!

Check out the teaser for the movie below.

Elderly mother Edna mysteriously disappears and this brings her daughter Kim and granddaughter Sam to their country house. There they find clues of Edna’s increasing dementia scattered around. When Edna suddenly appears, it is as inexplicable as her disappearance. After her appearance, Kim worries about her mother’s inability to explain where she was. Whereas Sam is overjoyed about her grandmother’s appearance. But Edna’s behavior starts to get more volatile and this is when the mother-daughter pair sense the presence of ‘horror’. The rest of the movie is about how the three women come together and fight this trauma and horror together!

The movie is produced by Jake Gyllenhaal and Anthony and Joe Russo as the executive producers. The film is said to premiere in theatres and VOD on July 10.

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