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Rising R&B singer ZTILO Embraces His Latino Roots in His New Single “Peligrosa”





Latin music inclination is said to be genetic, however, when you consider all the past, social and cultural legacy as well as related human religions that give Latin music its particular taste, this statement becomes more of a historical observation rather than a mythical tale. It’s vital to comprehend Latin America’s history and people via music. Latin America’s musical richness and intricacy are astounding, the result of centuries of cultural interaction.

The native communities integrated music and dance into their everyday lives, as well as in their education, employment, and recreational activities, long before European contact.

Hence, it comes as no surprise that the rising R&B singer ZTILO revisits his Latino through his music, “Peligrosa.” Nothing can be better than music when it comes to revisiting histories and culture.

ZTILO and “Peligrosa”:

“Peligrosa” is the follow-up to Ztilo’s previous music video for “I Got You” and their current Latin singles “Manera” and “Contigo”. Luxurious stage design, opulent costumes, and a smoldering ambiance all contribute to the idea that something so good and deadly. “Peligrosa” was directed by James Bahman.

ZTILO’s Future Plans:

Ztilo has announced that his debut EP, dubbed ‘No Hard Feelings,’ would be released in October 2021. Zach Steele (Travis Scott, Trey Songz, The Weeknd) is a Los Angeles-based producer/mixing engineer who collaborated with the first-generation Latin American from the Bay Area on the tunes for the next album. Steele also co-wrote each song. Kontrabandz, Julez Jadon, and SVRN round up the production team.

Where can you find ZTILO?

ZTILO is literally everywhere. You can listen to his single on Spotify and YouTube. And get in touch over his social media platforms, consisting of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat.


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