Riverdale Season 5: ‘Barchie’ Shippers Need Not Worry Anymore!

Riverdale is a drama series that has a huge fanbase! The fourth season of this show premiered on October 9, 2019. It ended on May 6, 2020. Season 4 of Riverdale was cut short because of the lockdown. It was supposed to telecast 22 episodes, but only 19 were aired. As if this didn’t come as a disappointment, the last season left fans with a lot of questions. Hopefully, we have got most of the answers here for you!

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Do ‘Barchie’ Fans Get To See More Of The Romance Between Betty And Archie?

Betty and Archie were seen sharing a kiss in the fourth season of Riverdale. This happened when Kevin’s Variety Show Protest was going on in Wicked Little Town. These childhood friends were also seen flirtatiously texting each other. In episode 16 of the fourth season, Betty starts to realize that she might have feelings for Archie. Betty also recalls her relationship with Archie as a child and their long and complicated love story. Archie thinks about his feelings for Betty when he is working on a song for her. Archie confronted Betty about his feelings, telling her that he wants to act on them. But she tells him that she will not hurt anyone and they decide not to do anything for the sake of Veronica and Jughead. The entire fourth season was filled with a lot of drama, especially the killing of ‘Jughead’ and this. Many fans also started shipping Betty and Archie as ‘Barchie’ after their kiss. But to their disappointment, they did not get to see more of them. They did not get to see more romance.

But there’s no reason to worry for the Barchie fans. Riverdale’s executive producer, Aguirre-Sacasa teased fans on what they could expect in season 5 in an interview recently. TVLine asked him if that is the end of the relationship between Betty and Archie and he said “The answer is no. We have not seen the end of that story.” This only means that season 5 of Riverdale is going to be filled with a lot of relationship drama apart from the murder mysteries!

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