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Samantha ‘Patience Jay’ empowers Music Millennials in 2021




Music Millennials’ path to success is not for the faint of heart. Every day, millions of musicians around the world wake up with the aim of becoming music superstars. The path is riddled with incalculable financial landmines, dead ends, skewed pipe fantasies, and unfathomable betrayal of confidence.

The heart is a complicated organ that controls many of a person’s life decisions. Pursuing your goals always comes at a high cost, and in this league, it’s all or nothing. Artists scour the internet for tips on how to boost their music streams, YouTube views, create a fan base, and distribute their work. When you register to become an individual artist, you become a limited liability company (LLC). ‘It’s 90 percent business and 10 percent music,’ an influential music executive once told me.

Hundreds of Instagram direct messages promise the future to indie artists through social media. These assurances are followed by a demand for cash up front and blind faith. In the pursuit of greatness, millions of musicians give up their hard-earned money in return for false promises. Since they paid through Western Union, CashApp, or another untraceable outlet, the vast majority of artists’ funds are lost and unrecoverable. These horror stories happen on a regular basis, leaving artists mentally wounded and unable to relaunch.

DREAMHUSTLEWIN is a Millennial Smart University that offers music millennials phone and Zoom consultations. DREAMHUSTLEWIN University offers important educational information on a variety of topics. DREAMHUSTLEWIN University offers a twenty-minute conference call with the designated artist, allowing them to ask questions and obtain real-time answers. DREAMHUSTLEWIN University’s music executives present innovative and creative music monetization techniques that help artists build their brands. Artists are encouraged to express themselves openly, and no subject is off limits. Making the decision to pursue a career in music is a significant one, and it’s important to make sound choices without resorting to coercion or compromise.

DREAMHUSTLEWIN University gives artists the tools they need to become financially self-sufficient and encourages them to pursue their dreams. The growth of DREAMHUSTLEWIN University is linked to the advancement of business-minded artists. Indie artists gain access to information on monetization, branding, distribution, and music publishing, which helps to protect them on their journey. Samantha’ Patience Jay’ Rice, Senior Vice President of DREAMHUSTLEWIN University, is a significant figure. Samantha has over ten years of experience in the music industry and brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Her business acumen and unrivaled enthusiasm for people give artists a distinct competitive advantage.

In a matter of seconds, confidence can be gained or lost. The sole aim of DREAMHUSTLEWIN University is to help artists DREAM, HUSTLE, and WIN!!! Hello, and welcome to the future! Samantha ‘Patience Jay’ Rice is SVP of RADIOPUSHERS and RESULTSANDNOHYPE Magazine.


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