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Scorn: Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay, and Story!

Yash Mahendra



Cerebral horror title, Scorn, was revealed at Microsoft’s May 7th, 2020 Xbox Series X presentation, turning heads of horror fans at the event. A vague cinematic trailer was all that was shown during the Xbox Series X, but the developers followed up in October 2020 with a lengthy gameplay trailer.

Here’s everything we know about Scorn:

Release Date

In the extended gameplay trailer released by Ebb Software on October 21, a release date of 2021 was confirmed for Scorn. Ebb Software also explained in a Kickstarter update in May that they won’t share a specific date until the developer is “100 percent sure [they] can deliver.”

When it releases, Scorn will be available on Xbox One X/S as well as PC. Ebb Software has no plans for a PS5 release as of now.


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We see the player navigate through Scorn’s labyrinthine corridors that give H.R. Giger’s visuals a fleshy aesthetic. The gameplay seems slow-paced but it also highlights the beauty of the game, the grotesque enemies that players will have to face, and puzzles players will have to solve.


Scorn puts revolves around world-building and will feature a non-linear story. There won’t be any cinematic cutscenes, according to its Steam page.  Ebb Software describes the environment as “dreamlike” and “a character itself” in an Xbox Wire post about Scorn.

You can see the atmosphere in action in the following trailer from May’s Inside Xbox:


Scorn is best described as an atmospheric first-person horror adventure that will have players traveling around its gruesome world to solve puzzles and fight enemies. Players can fight off enemies with weapons but since inventory space is limited, players will have to use whatever they have to overcome any given situation.

Fans of first-person horror games like Agony, Alien: Isolation, and Outlast 2, should definitely keep an eye out for this title.

Scorn will be released soon on Xbox Series X and PC in 2021!

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