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Skull & Bones: Release Date, Gameplay and Features!




Skull & Bones

Skull & Bones is a forthcoming game created by Ubisoft Singapore and released by Ubisoft on Windows, PS4, and Xbox One, sometime after March 2021. The game is about piracy and marine warfare. Initially set to be released in Q3 Q4 2018, the game was later postponed until 2019 and again after March 2020.


Skull & Bones is a tactical strategy game set in an open-world setting. Players take care of a dynamic pirate captain and can opt to sail the Indian Ocean on their own and launch a single-player quest or collect up to five other players in the Disputed Waters multiplayer versus player alliance.

Wind placement can be calculated to achieve an edge in the fight. Players can capture additional ships during the game, such as sloops, frigates, and brigantines, whose guns include mortars, wide-sided cannons, and rockets. Ships may be overloaded with brute force and captured. The rate of damage caused is measured by the health bar.

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The main feature is the Loot Hunt multiplayer mode, where two pairs of players are engaged in treasure hunting to further collect their money. Each ship’s nest is versatile to be used as a lookout point, and spyglasses may also be used. Microtransactions can be added to the functionality.


Naval Warfare

Feel the suspense, violence, and strength of naval battle as you struggle to conquer the oceans. Devastate rivals with heavy weapons or use tactics like masks and deception to defend your battle.

Hunt Alone or with Teammates

Plunder by yourself or join up with other pirate captains to organize your attempts to plunder the hardest enemies.

The Perfect Pirate Ship

Acquire special and deadly ships, then configure them with deep development schemes to build your playstyle.

Explore The Ocean  

Hunt along lucrative trading routes such as volatile weather, warring forces, competing pirates, and other far more dangerous challenges, is continuously changing the world around you.


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