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Skully – Release Date and Gameplay!





Modus Games and distributor Finish Line Games unveiled a new platform game for PS4, Xbox One, Switch and a PC titled Skully.

On a small deserted island, the skull washes up on the beach and is revived by an unknown god. Dubbed Skully, the recently reanimated being was called to participate in a battle between the three daughters of the god, whose conflict endangers the island they call home.

Fate has given Skully a second shot at “life” and his journey must lead him through a mysterious world as he tries to end the war that plagues the island.

Release Date

The game is expected to be released on 4 August.


It is a tale about a skeleton that was brought back to life. The strong entity behind his regeneration aims to save the world from the destruction created by Terry and his siblings. The conflict has been so extreme that the quarrels threaten to break the whole country. It’s up to Skully to collaborate with Terry to get peace back to the island.

The video relies primarily on demonstrating the skills of the narrator. These entail racing around the paradise of the world, jumping over stone roads, and winding around caverns filled with red-hot lava. Skully still tries to find a way through these challenges, either alone or with friend Terry.

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Hop, hop, and ride the path to victory. Dodge hazards around the island like Skully, a skeleton resurrected by the force of enchanted mud.

Adapting to the climate. Transform into three distinct forms to conquer obstacles and beat foes.

Traverse across a strange island. Travel across 18 different tiers in 7 distinct environments each riddled with unusual hazards.

Explore an interesting story. Completely voiced dialog and cutscenes breathe life into the people of the island and the delightful world of Skully!

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