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Spelunky 2: Release Date, Gameplay and Features!




Spelunky 2

Spelunky returns to the classic rogue-like platformer in this much-expanded sequel! See the next generation of adventurers as they find themselves on the Moon, looking for treasure and lost relatives. Spelunky 2 expands on the special, competitive challenges that made the original a success, delivering a massive adventure tailored to please old and new players. Explore the game by yourself, play with up to four players, or, for the first time, challenge online buddies to solve mysteries.

Release Date

The first appearance of Spelunky 2 was seen at the latest PlayStation State of Play meeting. It will be releasing on the console on 15 September. However, for PC players, the wait is going to be a little longer than Yu’s goal for a future release. Spelunky 2 is set to launch on Steam on September 29.


Spelunky 2’s universe is much denser than the one in the original game, providing many more environments, characters, traps, and items, as well as new ways to communicate with them. The universe has also grown in several ways, with branching paths and multi-layer layers introducing a third dimension to the traditional 2d platforming. Animals too can be hunted and ridden. And complex liquid physics creates new problems and lets the universe feel super sensitive and vibrant.

Back in Base Camp, the characters you unlock are going to mill and chill between the races, providing motivation and guidance. When you explore, your camp will grow into a welcoming little group to welcome you anytime you need a break from exploring. You can even use shortcuts while there, and practice your movements in peace.


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  • A larger World with all the new environments, creatures, traps, and items!
  • An Extra Dimension is introduced by enabling players to reach a second layer behind the standard playfield. The second layer might have secret spaces, concealed corridors, and other special locations.
  • Multiple Routes Through Game will add complexity and give players more options to customize a race.
  • Track and Ride Mounts with exceptional skills. Enemies will climb the cliffs, too!
  • New NPCs that you can support, harm, or miss to make each run feel more like a real story.
  • Variations and Improvements to Classic Spelunky Ideas like shops and ghosts that make veteran players rethink their tactics.
  • Improved Liquid Mechanics allows water and lava to travel and spill naturally, which has a dramatic impact on the playground.
  • Deadly Poison and Curses may be imposed on players and opponents alike.
  • Build a comfortable home at Base Camp as you stroll about and discover the caves.
  • Improved Lighting and Special Effects were mixed with a better visual and audio interface.
  • Deeper Mysteries may take a collective initiative to solve.

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