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Star Citizen features delayed, causing longtime fans to unrest




Star Citizen paves its way towards Alpha version 3.9. Originally scheduled for Q1 2020 but now is slightly delayed. Meanwhile, Alpha 4.0 has been planned for the second quarter of the year. However, Cloud Imperium Games announced a slew of delayed features last Friday. Game development roadmaps are rarely set in stone. A roadmap roundup, posted late last week, highlighted a number of the notable changes to the upcoming Alpha 4.0 update, expected in June, including a couple of items that are pushed back or removed until a later date.

Picture Credits- Cloud Imperial Games

Server to Client Actor Networking

The server to client actor networking rework has been delayed until 4.1. Players and AI characters are handled by the client, which suggests once you perform an action, the local client does the action then sends the knowledge to the server, at which point other players see it happen. It’s apparently been a drag when it involves tackling cheating, and it also means players see tons of rubber banding from players with poor connections. With the rework, this may be handled server-side. Support for Server Meshing development has been highlighted as a high concern across all involved teams.

Crusader and Orison Landing Zone

We have had to maneuver both Crusader and its landing zone, Orison, back to the top of the year because the team required longer making these locations. the explanations for this move are threefold: 1) the re-prioritization with specialize in GrimHex and other environmental add progress, 2) the extra time it took to finish New Babbage, and 3) delays from transitioning to a replacement work-from-home environment thanks to the present COVID-19 pandemic. However, this wave of delays is simply another set compounding on top of the previous ones before COVID was ever a thing. Star Citizen’s developers have also had to shift to performing from home, which naturally creates some unexpected obstacles. There hasn’t been much understanding within the comments.

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Picture credits- Cloud Imperial Games

PVP Bounties

After confirming with the team performing on this card, we’ve determined the tasks included largely contains preliminary work for Bounty Hunting improvements that are coming during a later quarter. This Epic wasn’t intended to be displayed publicly at this point, leading to its removal from the Star Citizen Roadmap. We expect to feature additional Bounty Hunter themed cards within the future as front-facing features release dates are decided upon.

 Death Animation Improvements

Physics support priority was given to Body Dragging. While Body Dragging will maintain its intended release in Alpha 4.0, Death Animation Improvements will withdraw one quarter to Alpha 4.1.

It’s not all delays, though. Some new cards are added to the 4.0 column, including a gift shop in New Babbage and elevator panel updates. Usually, the announcement of delays doesn’t produce this much vitriol, but Star Citizen has been in the development phase for nearly a decade. That is probably the highest crowdfunded videogame in history. The changes in scope, the separation of the sandbox and Squadron 42, and every one the legal drama seems to be wearing down the community. Neither the sandbox nor the single-player campaign has released the dates. Of course, delays aren’t exciting news to Star Citizen, but it’s quite expected for some longtime fans to lose their patience.

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