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Suicide Squad: Director David Ayer Says Harley Quinn’s Reshoot Broke The Film’s Timeline!



“Yes, that broke my timeline” – Says Suicide Squad Director David Ayer.

The director of Suicide Squad David Ayer just spilled the inside information about the film’s timeline! Read below to know more about it!

From 2013’s Pirates of the Caribbean to 2005 Fantastic Four, and to finally to the Queen in the name, Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey in 2020. These films represent excellent and brilliant work and a combination of drama, action, and comedy. And this is what the DC fans love, don’t they? The mixture of various genres and the films turning brilliantly executed.

Well, Suicide Squad was no different yet distinct. The 2016 American Superhero film did wonders. It was based on the DC Comics supervillain team’s very same name. And it was the third installment in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU).



The film was both written and directed by David Ayer back then. But, now it looks like he had some problems. He might just have said that the story was not the one he had written. Well, yes, the film now looks like it is a sufferer of the studio interference.

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Read below to know what David said.

What happened to the Film’s Timeline?

After the Synder’s cut for Justice League fans were quite excited about the Ayer’s cut for Suicide Squad. And even if the Ayer’s cut wasn’t that large fans gave it the equal love and importance.

David himself was intrigued by the director’s cut as he wanted to reveal some plots that were not included in the movie. Well, to be precise, he did reveal minute things that must have made huge differences.


To start with it, every character of the Suicide squad was introduced through a line that explains them to the viewers. Harley’s intro that was out for the fans to know was – “Accomplice to the murder of Robin.” 

The theory speaks that in Batman’s movie, his sidekick gets killed by Harley and Joker (Jared Leto). And that sidekick’s name was Robin, yes, exactly the same name Harley’s intro include.

Thereafter, Batman punched out Joker’s tooth and that made him get a set of metal grills. However, this theory doesn’t go well with the first moment when Harley and the Joker meet.

When they meet, Joker could be clearly seen with his grills on. If the Suicide Squad released after Batman then how was there were grill? Because their meeting indeed happens before they killed Robin.

This above theory also suggests that Robin was killed only by Joker and not by Harley. As he was killed by Joker even before he met Harley.

A fan suggested that might be the editor made the changes and that resulted in the ultimate change of the story. As Harley was decided to end up with Deadshot (Will Smith) instead of Joker. Also, Diablo (Jay Hernandez) didn’t die originally in David’s theory.

To prove this all to be correct, Ayer replied to the fan’s suggestion cum question. Below’s the tweet:

When is Suicide Squad Coming back with a Sequel?

The film is coming back in 2021. It would be the standalone sequel of The Suicide Squad.

And now the question is who is coming back for 2021 film? Well, Margot Robbie, Joel Kinnaman, Viola Davis, and Jai Courtney is reportedly coming back for The Suicide Squad in 2021.

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