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The Best Poker Books: What Kind Of Literature Are Read By Professionals




Among all casino games, such as at Yeti casino online, poker is one of the most intelligent and psychological games that requires knowledge and strong control over emotions. Knowledge isn’t something one can acquire in a day or month. It takes a lifetime to master poker and all its tactics. 

Fortunately, today the Internet allows accessing various poker teaching resources. But the best way to become a professional player is by reading books of poker masters. These books are based on their huge experience gained through playing with thousands of opponents during professional poker tournaments. 

Overall, here are some best-selling books you should read to improve your poker skills. 

1. Harrington on Hold ’em – Dan Harrington

This book can be fairly called the best poker book ever written for professional poker players. It was written by Dan Harrington, the winner of the 1995 world poker tournament. Immediately after its publication, the book won the hearts of poker fans and became a best-seller with over 300, 000 copies sold worldwide. 

The book came out in a series. The first volume published in 2004 focuses on strategic playing which included the player’s position at the table, relationship with the opponent, and everything related to the early stage of poker tournament.

The second volume is the logical continuation of the first and explains how to play in later stages of the game. The book contains detailed explanations of how to make moves and maneuver when the tournament is close to the end. The author discovers many winning strategies that have long been the secrets of poker’s greatest masters. 

While the first volumes are best suitable for advanced players, the third volume includes some valuable tactics for beginners as well. Novice players can learn how to successfully apply the tactics of bluffing or playing shorthanded. 

2. Applications of No-Limit Hold em – Matthew Janda

Here is another fine gem among poker books written by Matthew Janda – a poker theory expert who loved to play poker his entire life. Finally, in 2013 he decided to put together all his knowledge about poker hands and wrote a theoretical book about it. 

The book starts with explaining and defining some poker concepts such as ranging, overbetting, and donk betting. However, the book doesn’t aim to merely provide theoretical knowledge about some confusing concepts. It also shows how to successfully apply them to your game.

After reading Applications of No-Limit Hold em you’ll significantly improve your knowledge and skills on Texas Hold’em.

3. Kill Everyone  – by Lee Nelson

Among all online casino games, poker is the one that uses aggression as a playing tactic. And the book Kill Everyone by Lee Nelson, a professional poker player from New Zealand, explains why the timing of initiating aggression in poker is important and how it can change the course of the game. 

Besides the well-timed aggression tactics, the book explains how to apply several huge weapons such as fear and fold equity or optimal hands-up play. 

The book was first published in 2007 but later it was revised and extended. The current version also includes bonuses – a chapter about short-stack cash games and much more. The book is useful for everyone who wants to learn to play casino games (poker) professionally. 

4. Ace on the River – Barry Greenstein

Ace on the River is one of the unique books intended for both novice and professional poker players. The book was published in 2005 by Barry Greenstein, a professional poker player from the USA and a champion of multiple world-famous poker tournaments. 

The book is written in an easy-to-read language to make sure that beginners can also read and understand complex concepts and tactics. Both the play and the player are in the focus of the book. The author touches on sensitive subjects such as the psychology of poker and the player giving a full understanding of the game and the life of a professional player. 

Ace on the River gives a unique chance to learn the tactics of high-stakes poker directly from its master who throughout his career has won seven poker tournaments. 

5. The Mental Game of Poker – Jared Tendler

Like all other casino games, it’s impossible to win poker games every time despite making the right decisions and calculations throughout the game. Losing is difficult especially when it has a periodical character. 

The book The Mental Game of Poker written by Jared Tendler, a leading mental coach for professional poker players discusses the psychological side of the game. The mental aspect is crucial in poker since first of all, it’s a psychological competition. 

The author teaches how to best handle fear and motivation and control emotions since displaying them gives specific signals to the opponent. In earlier stages of the game, it’s easier to stay calm. However, later when the game is getting tougher it’s more difficult to control the feeling without appropriate training. 

6. Playing The Player – Ed Miller

In gambling, it’s important to know how to identify your opponent’s weaknesses and use them to your advantage. You should master the “player the player” technique, i.e. go beyond calculations and adjust to your opponent’s style. 

In his book Playing The Player Ed Miller, a famous author of multiple poker-related best-selling books and guides, talks about how to adjust to the other players’ style, identify their weaknesses, attack, and crush them. Whenever the opponent shows aggression, you can use it against him and win the game. 

7. Elements of Poker – Tommy Angelo

The book Elements of Poker is meant for professional poker players. Hence, it doesn’t teach how to play poker since its target audience already knows it. The book teaches how to master the tactics, play your best play every time, and gain profit from it. 

The author explains his approach the following way: even if you’re the best player in the world you still can lose if you don’t do your best. But a medium-level player can win games because every time he plays his A-game. Overall, the book explains all the bonuses of giving your best to all your games. 


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