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The chronology that you should know about Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad!




Better Call Saul is an American crime series created by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, it’s a prequel to Gilligan’s Breaking Bad which first debuted in 2008. The series premiered at AMC on 8 February 2015 and the sixth and final season of Better Call Saul is all set to arrive in 2021. The plot of the show follows the story of a con-man turned lawyer Jimmy McGill played by Bob Obendrik, take place six years before the Breaking Bad events, shows the transformation of him into a criminal Saul Goodman, and McGill became the lawyer of a police investigator through him he gets to the underworld of drugs trafficking in New Mexico.

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The writer, Vince Gilligan of ‘Breaking Bad’ made sure the timeline to follow in order with the plot of ‘Better Call Saul’. Breaking Bad introduced the character Walter White played by Bryan Cranston as a teacher who left everything to become a drug dealer along with young Jesse played by Aaron Paul and assistance from a con artist and lawyer Saul Goodman, played by Bob Odenkirk. The show ended in 2013 with Walter White demise, the franchise expanded with a movie, ‘El Camino’, and prequel based on Saul’s life when he was known as Jimmy McGill.

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Better Call Saul season one is set in the past before Breaking Bad events, the focus is on Jimmy McGill who transforms into a big-time con man Saul Goodman. The narrative begins in May 2002 when Jimmy was struggling financially as a lawyer, after trying to defend a potential client, Jimmy encounters Nacho Marga and The Salamanca crime family, later he came in contact with Mike Ehrmantraut. The season two takes place in the same-year over two months July-September, Jimmy accepts a job with David and Mains on the based of his Sandpiper work, and later their relationship becomes sour. Mike tries to kill Hector Salamanca, but got distracted. In season three, Gus Flings enters and the flashback of his story was shown. The entire season covered six months from September to February. The fourth season jumps a nine-month jump with bringing the storyline to 2004 where we see Jim works at a cellphone store and again thinks of practicing law as Saul Goodman. The fifth season takes off to 2004 when Breaking Bad sets off, Better Call Saul introduced new plot twists with a flashback.

To know more about the timeline of ‘Breaking Bad’, ‘Better Call Saul’, and ‘El Camino’ follow The Breaking Bad Fandom wiki, where you’ll get every small detail and theories about the franchise.

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