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‘THE FLASH’- More seasons to come as Grant Gustin’s contract nears renewal?



Image courtesy The CW

After the bad, and by bad we mean really stale news of THE FLASH Season 6 stopping mid-season and resuming later (end 2020), we’ve heard a fabulous tidbit about Seasons 8 and 9. Recently, the actor Grant Gustin revealed the news that before the lockdown and shutting down of the show in the middle of season 6, there had already been talks and negotiations about confirming Season 8 and 9. These updates were heard when Gustin came on a podcast with the actor who played Lex Luthor. The podcast, ‘Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum’, also features Gustin’s personal life problems and nostalgia, from his theatre days to his mental illnesses and lastly his contract with ‘The Flash’ which currently ends on Season 7.

Enough about entertainment – what about the Actor?

“There are plenty of things I feel I missed out on. The Flash has been so amazing, but we’re six years in now and the past four [summer] hiatuses I have had a project that has fallen through because of Flash, there are a lot of opportunities that have gone away because of schedule conflicts. You just can’t have everything.” said Gustin recently.

Many actors have missed a lot of excellent opportunities due to contract restrictions which resulted in an image far from the artistic skills, but closer to teenage infatuations. The mental illnesses, from which the actors suffer, could mainly be because of a situation where the actor is forced to work on a level where he/she has already lost interest. This is not the problem of the production or the creators, but the audience, as the audience has a habit of confirming the image of the artist.

Seasons 8 and 9, happening or not?

Unfortunately, due to lockdown and all production activities stopping, the negotiations were not completed and we do not have confirmed news about Seasons 8 and 9, but we know that Season 7 is confirmed and fans are waiting for it.
“The conversations actually had started already for adding a potential eighth and ninth [season], but then this pandemic happened, and everything has stopped,” said Gustin.

I do not hate people, but I despise their existence. Hi, I’m an actor, writer, poet, visual artist, a man of science and also the least favourite person in my family. Our beloved Hemingway, once said "There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed." I believed in this quote humbly, truly and faithfully, now I have Anemia. I hope you like my works and if you do then please tell the President about it (seriously, all we want is fame).

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