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The Invisible Man: ‘Upgrade’ and ‘Saw’ Easter Eggs in the film!




The Invisible Man is a Hollywood masterpiece in the horror-thriller genre. The excellent visual style and meticulous details mesmerizingly indulge the viewers into the terror provoked by the titular character. Psychopath scientist stalks and Writer/Director Leigh Whannell’s film was a great global success and are now available in 4K Blu-ray and DVD formats as well alongside the digital format.

In a recent interview with CinemaBlend, Leigh Whannel and producer Jason Blum hinted towards the Easter eggs present in the film. They have slid in subtle references from Whannel’s previous film ‘Upgrade’ and from James Wan’s ‘Saw’, the film in which he was one of the lead actors. Fans and Easter egg hunters would love to re-watch The Invisible Man after finding this out, and if necessary, re-watch ‘Upgrade’ and ‘Saw’ as well.

Upgrade Easter Eggs

Let us begin with Whannel’s previous film and another fantastic horror marvel, Upgrade. That film is set in an advanced future, where mechanic Grey Trace (Logan Marshall-Green) and his wife Asha (Melanie Vallejo) work for Cobalt, one of the globe’s biggest tech companies. Keep this fact registered in your mind while re-reading the report of the death of Adrian Griffin (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) Emily (Harriet Dyer) shares with Cecilia (Elisabeth Moss) in The Invisible Man:

Mind is blown, right? Adrian Griffin happens to be the founding father of the tech giant that Asha and Grey work for. This could mean only one thing: The Invisible Man is Upgrade’s unannounced prequel spin-off! Isn’t that amazing? Be prepared for hunting similar Easter eggs in Whannel’s upcoming films as well.

Saw Easter Eggs

James Wan and Leigh Whannel share a long and strong companionship, especially due to 2004’s brutal thriller Saw. Whannel has been the writer for films Wan directs, and the duo is very popular for the Insidious series consisting of four-hit haunting films. Though the Saw Easter egg is not that significant to The Invisible Man’s plot, it is a kind of a tradition for the films created by the duo. In the concluding part of the film, where Cecilia and invisible Adrian are in the middle of a gunshot chase, we see Billy The Puppet from Saw graffiti painting on the wall:

Had you noticed that one? Billy The Puppet has made such ‘Easter egg cameos’ in ‘Dead Silence’, ‘Death Sentence’ and ‘Insidious’, all of them created by Wan and Whannel.

These Easter eggs would be enough reason for fans to have a rerun The Invisible Man and enjoy the spectacular thriller one more time!

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