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The Last Kingdom Renewed for Season 5? Read to find out more!

Simone Singh



The Last Kingdom has been renewed for another season, which will be its fifth season. The new season will include 10 episodes just like the previous two seasons. The confirmation for the renewal of season five was done by the cast and crew right after the release of season four on Netflix. The season four was aired on Netflix in April 2020.

The show which is based on the novel of the same name by Bernard Cornwell‘s  The Saxon Stories series of novels. The show’s genre is historical fiction and is based on the history of the British Empire in 886. Initially, the show was aired on BBC America and BBC Two in the UK, later on, Netflix took the rights to release the fourth season and now will be airing the fifth as well.

The Last Kingdom was a major hit amongst period-drama fans and historical fiction lovers. The setting of the show and the environment established by the cinematography crew and the designers transported the viewers to that era. Not only this, the costume designed for the show, the makeup and the thick British accent that had to be adopted by the actors really brought the book to life.

According to sources, the scriptwriter of the show included as much of the book as possible in the script for the show. The director too in order to maintain the sanctity of the show shot the scenes at dawn and dusk, odd hours of the day to give it a more rustic and authentic touch.

One of the main reasons this show has a growing fanbase is it’s absorbing content which leaves the viewers intrigued and impatient to watch the next episode or series. The show caters to the needs of the audience which loves drama, action, politics and steamy scenes. The show is known for its action-packed, blood pouring, skin tearing and gory scenes.


Here is a video of the cast announcing the news about the renewal for season 5 :

It is a delight for anyone who enjoyed Game of Thrones and it also includes many steamy scenes, which the costars admit to, that they were uncomfortable shooting. The emotions portrayed in this show, whether it be rage, lust, disgust, envy have been depicted so beautifully that they leave the viewers moved to their core.

The cast of the upcoming season should include the following actors  Emily Cox, Ian Hart, Eliza Butterworth, Arnas Fedaravičius, Mark Rowley, Millie Brady, Timothy Innes, Eva Birthistle, Jeppe Beck Laursen, Toby Regbo, Finn Elliot, Ruby Hartley, James Northcote, and there is room for more characters to be added in the fifth season. There has not been any official confirmation regarding any new cast members but with a script like that of The Last Kingdom, there might be a few last-minute additions!

There are so many hopes attached to the upcoming season. The fans are eagerly waiting to get more information about their favourite characters fate and how the story will pan out in season five. The book lovers, who are already privy to the events that will be playing out in season five, wait for them to be brought to life by the actors and the crew members.

The show has been a recipient of good critical views, it earned 71% from rotten tomatoes and a 7.1/10 from IMDb. It is one of the highest streamed show on the Netflix site.

Comment below your views about the upcoming season and that of the show in general !!


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