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The Ranch renewed for Part 9: Release Date, Trailer and Trivia!

Simone Singh



The Ranch which has released eight parts on Netflix and on streaming channels will not be returning on our tv screens! The crew confirmed the news of The Ranch’s part eight series to be the finale for the season 4! This show started its journey in April 2016 and since then has gained a strong fanbase and viewership!

The show which has a total of four seasons divided into two parts, making the show have eight parts and four seasons. The show has a total of 80 episodes, with each part having 10 episodes. The final part for season four, called Part 8 was aired on Netflix in January 2020.

Release Date and Trailer:

Since the confirmation of the shows part 8, the second part of season 4 to be the final part, the cast and crew were sad to say goodbye to Netflix! The Ranch was the longest ongoing comedy show on Netflix with a total of 80 episodes. As there will be no part 9 or season 5, the trailer attached below is for season 4!

Cast Of The Show:

For the past four seasons, we have enjoyed the work of Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson, Debra Winger, Sam Elliott and Elisha Cuthbert working side by side to create a hilarious and super engaging comedy series. The fans of this show loved Asthon Kuthchers return to the television industry after his work in That 70’s Show!

Plot Of The Show So Far:

The show revolves around the lives of Colt and Rooster Bennett, two brothers living in the countryside of Orlando in a ranch! The sitcom delves into their lives and how Kutcher after being a successful athlete gets accustomed to living in the countryside. Their roles comprise of them being fathers as well and handling toddlers and the issues that come along with parenting!

The show has been rated 7.5/10 by IMDb and has been entertaining its fans for 4 years straight! The critics have recognised and appreciated the show’s humour and the acting done by the cast!

You can stream the first four season of the show on Netflix!


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