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The Rise Of The Gaming Culture Across Globe




Kids start their life by playing tangible physical games. However, with the evolution of the gaming industry, games have entered the virtual realm for gamers across all age groups. The depth of gaming in the virtual sphere is so high that the virtual gaming ecosystem infuses realism into it. Even though gaming has evolved like any other culture, the change has been more rapid in the past two years due to many factors, such as the pandemic, improved internet connection, low smartphone affordability and more. 

The Change In Gaming Behavior

According to recent data, 34% of the world’s players engage in gaming daily, while 46% play weekly. There is a stark difference in the gaming behavior of different age groups. For example, gamers belonging to Gen Z spend less time playing games in comparison to millennials. However, if the parameter is widened to include weekly reports, the result indicates Gen Z plays more games weekly than millennials. Furthermore, cybersecurity hygiene is also noticed amongst the young players who take care of not using their real name, hiding their IP address after checking it on What Is My IP, not revealing personal data to other online gamers and more. Cybersecurity hygiene is one of the most impressive changes in the gaming behavior of players across the globe. 

Gaming Has Become More Inclusive

From casual games to games involving virtual world games, the gaming industry now houses a diverse range of games. The multifarious gaming ecosystem has ensured diversity among gamers too. Previously, gamers were segmented based on devices they used for playing the games or the category of the games. However, now the segmentation mainly relies on the gamers’ motivations to play a game or become a part of the gaming community. 

The age group that shows the highest interest in the game includes the age group of 18 to 24. Also, 52% of the gamers are male, while 48% of the gamers are female. The rise of female gamers indicates that gaming has become inclusive. In addition to the increase in female participation in games, this pattern is also visible in the developers of the games.

The Significance Of Gaming Culture 

The gaming industry has come a long way since its inception, and it has continuously impacted the culture. More than a hobby, gaming has become part of many’s lifestyles. Also, the gaming culture indicates that it has its own language that has the power to influence other industries like music, entertainment and fashion. 

Most importantly, with the rise of online multiplayer games, the gaming culture now plays a crucial role in bringing gamers from all across the globe together. Many games create a bridge to connect players of different countries, cultures and backgrounds to promote diversity and inclusivity. As a result, geography is no longer a barrier for gamers. 

Gaming Culture Is Now Participatory 

Most current games are participatory and allow one to enjoy the game both as a player and a viewer. Subsequently, it is giving rise to a gaming fandom which includes gaming communities. What makes these gaming communities unique is the fact that gamers are active participants in these communities. Surveys indicate that such communities create a sense of belonging among gamers and pave a new way to make friends. In addition, many gamers also use these communities to learn different new skills. 

Gaming culture is giving rise to a growing social phenomenon through game streaming. It, in turn, has encouraged many platforms to promote such behavior amongst the players while sustaining it. It is why social platforms play a crucial role in building a community for gamers. 

The Gaming Culture Is More Than Just Gaming 

The gaming culture is now well beyond the narrow definition of gaming. A typical stereotype linked with gamers is that they are not physically active. However, such stereotypes no longer exist, thanks to gamers’ diverse personalities and interests. Also, nowadays, gamers do not engage in games just to casually pass the time; many pursue them professionally. The gaming industry has created many job opportunities for gamers across all ages and places. Hence, now gaming culture has widened itself. In the coming time, this gaming culture will hopefully change for all the right reasons like the current time. 


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