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Things you didn’t know about online gambling in India




As a country, India has one of the largest populations in the world. And one of this huge country’s favourite pastimes is online gambling. 

From online casino sites and bingo, to sports betting and lotteries, India’s history of gambling is a long, rich affair. 

Today, we’re going to dive into the world of online gambling in India. And tell you some interesting facts that you might not know about India’s top hobby. 

So, without further ado, let’s take a look. 

India is obsessed with cricket betting 

Ok, so this one might not come as much of a surprise. But India loves cricket and cricket betting! In fact, the Indian Premier League (IPL) sees millions of individual bets every single year. And other competitions, like the Ashes and Cricket World Cup draw worldwide attention. 

But it’s not only the big comps that bring the spotlight on Indian cricket. Domestic events, such as the Ranji, Duleep and Deodhar Trophies are beloved by Indian cricket fans. And bets on these events are also big business in this cricket-obsessed country! 

India has its own card games 

When we think of card games, we often think of games like blackjack, poker and baccarat. But did you know that India is home to some of the most exciting card games in the world? 

In fact, Indian card games are thought to have gained popularity around the 16th century. This was when the game ‘ganjifa’ was introduced by settlers from Central Asia. 

Only the rich played Ganjifa in the royal Indian courts. And the decks contained precious materials, such as ivory. And the cards were decorated and studded with gemstones.

But card games weren’t just for the wealthy. Regular people also started playing cards, which they made from wood or palm leaves. And they invented their own games. So now we have games like Satte-pe-Satta, Indian rummy and twenty-eight. As well as the other popular games that came from places like France and the USA. 

And the best thing about having all these card games available? The vast majority of them are available to play at online casino sites that accept Indian players. 

A lot of Indian people gamble overseas 

Unfortunately, playing your favourite casino games, and betting on sports like cricket, is not as easy as you might think. In India, each state has its own laws. But the vast majority prohibit gambling in land-based casinos. The only exceptions are Goa, Sikkim and Daman. 

However, online gambling is still a bit of a grey area in Indian law. And currently, there are no federal laws in place to legally forbid it. Therefore, a lot of international ‘offshore’ sites market their products and services to Indian players. This also goes for bookmakers, who take wagers on many matches and events, including the IPL and T20. 

Furthermore, some leading casinos and bookmakers will accept Rupees. Which means no complicated currency conversions when you come to take out your winnings. 

So with very vague laws, and casino brands targeting Indian players, this means that the vast majority of Indian people who enjoy gambling choose to do so overseas. And they use portals, such as to find great casinos and online bookmakers.  


To sum up, India is a country that enjoys gambling on a range of games and sports. And there’s no other country in the world that has such an amazing range of sports to bet on, including all the top cricket leagues. 

We’re not sure what the future of gambling laws hold. But a lot of people believe that, by legalising gambling in other Indian states, this could generate a huge amount of income for the local economy. 

Furthermore, we’re certain that the popularity of online gaming and sports betting is only going to rise. So Indian lawmakers will have to face the topic of gambling online sooner or later. 

Finally, all the while there are offshore sites willing to take Indian players, then India is potentially losing out on billions that could be put back into the economy. So, by legalising casino sites and regulating them, India could bring in much more income from an industry that is currently booming. 


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