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Thirteen Reasons Why Season 4: Plot, Cast and other Updates!




One of the most controversial Netflix series, Thirteen Reasons Why, is now ready with the fourth season. The trailer was released recently and there has been huge controversies around the new season. Some viewers are saying that the latest one is unnecessary since most of the mysteries were wrapped up in the third one and the script writer is dragging the story way too much.

The American teen drama web series is adapted from the book Thirteen Reasons Why written by Jay Asher, which formed the story base of the first season. It started back in 2017, gaining the reputation of the most-watched and influential web series. The main motive of the story was to aware of the bullying culture of the high-schools and how small actions can effect someone’s mental health.

The first season opened with the announcement of the death of a teen, Hannah Baker, who took her own life and the reasons were unknown. The students showed condolences and started putting up posters regarding suicide and mental health. As the story progresses, Hannah’s friend and co-worker Clay Jensen, received a shoe box, filled with cassette tapes, marked with numbers with a nail polish, along with a map. Quite an old school method. Clay manages to find a tape player and goes on to listen them. He soon discovers that the tapes were recorded by Hannah before her death, and were meant for those who were the reasons for her death.


“I hope you’re ready, because I’m about to tell you the story of my life. More specifically, why my life ended. And if you’re listening to these tapes, you’re one of the reasons why.”

As the plot progresses, Clay discovers that one incident led to another, and surprisingly, all the popular kids of the high-school were involved. Relationships, crush misunderstandings, stalking, humiliation, molestation, etc, all jumbled up and created a mess in Hannah’s life. The more one digs into the mystery, the darker the situation gets.

In the second season, Hannah’s parents went to heights in order to get justice for their daughter. They filed a legal complaint against the Liberty High School and blamed them for not maintaining a healthy environment. This also brought cracks in their marriage, which led to a divorce. The blame game surfaced and the equations started changing. Faults and guilts flew everywhere. Clay started feeling guilty that he couldn’t be a protective and supportive friend to Hannah and starts hallucinating her. He confessed his love for her and Hannah’s hallucination replied “Why didn’t you tell me when I was alive?” Scary huh?

People started exposing people, which led to more bullying and harassments. The hatred went to such point that one didn’t shudder to kill someone. Season 2 is said to have one of the most disturbing finales ever. Debates started rising around the ending and flooded the Twitter.


Season 3 led to justify the acts of the bad guys, like Bryce, who molested and raped several girls in school, including Hannah. The story tried to portray the other side, making it all grey. The fans started discussing whether it is required to justify such heinous acts by trying to gain sympathy for such kind of monstrous guy. The students of Liberty High are once again forced under the microscope as the investigation into Bryce’s death threatens to expose their darkest secrets.

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Thirteen Reasons Why is hugely inspired from the real-life scenarios and hence has it’s effects on the real-life as well. The show had both the positive and negative sides. Such show helped the parents to understand the dynamics of a teenage world and be concerned about the ongoings of their life. The schools, especially in the USA, started to take notice of such situations. It also triggered many to share their horrific experiences and had the assurance that they were not the only one to suffer. Teenagers got the idea that how small acts can lead to such drastic steps, thus taking away someone’s life. The show somehow made them to be emphatic towards one another.

On the other hand, the show also inspired several young teens to follow the same steps as that of Hannah. There were several cases reported that the act of suicide was same as that of the fictional character. Audiences even said that the show made them severely upset and depressed, and the story was way too dark for them. The show was marked as 18+ and was not recommended for the teens, especially the ones with a fragile heart. The effect that fiction can have on suicidal thoughts and behaviours is probably smaller than that of other psychological and social risk factors for suicide. Several health professionals, educators and advocates linked the show to self-harm and suicide threats among young people.

One viewer says, “The Script is excellent, quite in particular in the First Season; the second season is different, weaker. In spite of the efforts of these excellent young actors; It’s so tragic, so disgusting, so horrendous, that one wants to see how justice would act. I know through my own experience studying in Boston in the late 1980’s that these events are for real. This is a direct consequence of the destruction from all kind of family values in the USA.”

Another one says, “In showing the aftermath of Hannah’s death, the suicide scene in itself and the impact it had on everyone around her, I felt the show did a great job of showing how dark and sad suicide is and I don’t feel they glorified it in any way. Saying that, I really admire how the show followed up on the criticism and learned from viewers opinions.

The series is produced by Anonymous Content and Paramount Television with Gomez, McCarthy, Joy Gorman, Michael Sugar, Steve Golin, Mandy Teefey, and Kristel Laiblin serving as executive producers. Diana Son being the show-runner.

The show stars Katherine Langford as Hannah Baker, Dylan Minnette as Clay Jensen, Christian Navarro as Tony, Alisha Boe as Jessica, Brandon Flynn as Justin, Justin Prentice as Bryce, Miles Heizer as Alex, Ross Butler as Zach, Devin Druid as Tyler, Amy Hargreaves as Clay’s mother, Kate Walsh as Hannah’s mother, Brian d’Arcy James as Hannah’s father, and many other recurring actors.


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