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This Baby Yoda’s Early Design Can Horrify You! See Photos!




Baby Yoda or The Child is the cutest alien we’ve ever come across, isn’t it? Imagine seeing it with no cuteness, the very thing we love the most in it. Well, you’d be horrified seeing this picture shared by the team. See the design below!

It was 2019 when Baby Yoda was brought up on our screens. It blessed the audience with one of the best shows on television and also adorableness. Now, who doesn’t enjoy this kind of combo?

Well, the audience did. They showered their love and appreciation for the show. Yoda managed to gather the love of the audience, and one of the main reasons would be its cuteness. The Child was introduced through a Star Wars Disney+ original television series The Mandalorian. 

However, after one year of the show, an early design of The Child has been shared by the team. Not to mention it, it however looks horrifying.

See below Baby Yoda’s earlier design

It looks like Jon Favreau, the creator and the showrunner of the series, and his team has had some real struggles whilst creating The Child.

When it was time to film the last episode for Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, Jon explained the process they followed to create the Baby Yoda. It took several sketches and so many other things were revealed by him, and also photos were disclosed. However, this one truly stands out of all of them.

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Because the earlier design of Yoda that we’ve received now is just not something we’d hoped for. Here’s the photo for you to see:


We wouldn’t say the design is ugly, however, it isn’t what we were looking forward to. Anybody seeing this at first could say its Yoda. However, it still has many differences which we think pointing out should be good.

The things that look different are, first of all, the Yoda looks plumpish. The ears are bigger than what we’ve seen. And the sackcloth, doesn’t really look good, and also doesn’t go with the look.

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Hence, we’re happy Jon and his team didn’t go with this one and rather went with our real Baby Yoda.

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