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Top 10 Best RPG Releases of 2022




The video game business has traditionally been centered on role-playing games, and 2022 was a significant year in this regard. RPGs are one of the most widely played game genres across all platforms that may cover various subjects and concepts. It might be difficult to keep up with the hundreds of games launched each month. But, a few RPGs received such high praise that they simply cannot be disregarded. 

If you’re looking for video games to devote time to, have a look at this compilation. And if you’d rather know how to cite a research paper in APA, take a quick look at it and get back for the top 2022 role-playing games that we can’t wait to explore.

Elden Ring 

Highly perceived as a masterwork, Elden Ring is a dark fantasy tale. Elden Ring is the most extensive RPG that FromSoftware has ever produced.

The game takes great pleasure in investigation and exploration, resulting in lively gameplay that gamers consistently feel is worthwhile. Elden Ring left the game’s simultaneous release with a bang, selling over 10 million copies in a matter of weeks. It’s an uncommon phenomenon that rarely occurs in video games.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Since the first Pokémon game was released in the 1990s, most sequels have stuck to a successful model. Participants will select a starter Pokémon, progress linearly from one location to the next, put together a team, take out Gym commanders, and eventually become a Pokemon Champion. Pokémon has become one of the most popular video game franchises of all time, thanks to this strategy.

​​Pokemon Legends: Arceus was a refreshing change in the series and deserves greater respect, despite its RPG components not being as robust as those in earlier games. This is especially true of how it deals with the novelty of making and Pokedex research duties.

Horizon Forbidden West

Guerrilla Studios’ Horizon Zero Dawn, an open-world action RPG that centers on a young woman called Aloy, was one of the most well-liked PlayStation 4 big titles. Players explore a world populated by evil mechanical beings in this post-apocalyptic portrayal of the United States.

The task structure in Horizon Forbidden West rewards adventure as you find new places, such as tropical coastlines, barren landscapes, and abandoned towns. While several versions claim a bigger map, Horizon Forbidden West expands the playable world with interesting side missions and unusual locations like undersea exploration.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Each new Marvel game is a major thing, but it’s fairly unusual to see a strategic RPG from the superhero developer with an audacious plot line. Because of their competence in the tactical field and their work on the Civilisation and XCOM series, Firaxis Games’ creators have successfully combined turn-based battles with card dynamics in Midnight Sun. It shouldn’t be a huge revelation that one of the most successful RPGs of the year is a Marvel game, given how prominent the characters and Marvel are becoming.


In many respects, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 represents the conclusion of all that Monolith Soft has been working on since the original game was imported from Japan for the Wii. Six protagonists in a battle between countries with no ending on the horizon are the main subject of the gameplay. Nevertheless, when they discover how their countries and identities are being managed, they embark on a mission to try to end it.

With a tale that isn’t hesitant to strike one dramatic rollercoaster of emotions after another, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 adopts a fiercely peaceful position. This devotion is evident in every facet of the game and contributes significantly to its distinction as one of the most noteworthy RPGs of 2022.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human

Dying Light breathed fresh life into the zombie genre, making it one of the finest games ever. After several delays, Dying Light 2: Stay Human has finally been released, and the makers appear to have improved upon the first game’s excellent design. Dying Light 2’s leveling structure is slightly changed compared to the original game. Spending skill points raises the player’s total level in Dying Light. Yet, in Dying Light 2, those two traits increase the more the player runs, makes parkour maneuvers, or attacks effectively.

Dying Light 2 looks considerably better on newer consoles that support ray tracing thanks to the vibrant colors, subtle effects, and other little elements. Graphically speaking, Dying Light 2 looks superior in every aspect.

Tactics Ogre: Reborn

The game has been hailed as the genre’s pinnacle since its first release as a masterwork of a wonderful storyline, excellent worldbuilding, and incredibly complex and tactical fighting. Tactics Ogre: Reborn is a sprawling epic about conflict, respect, and morals. You will find your principles being tested several times since this is not a realm of black and white; instead, everything is painted in gray tones.

These issues are prevalent during the game, and you’ll encounter them as you make challenging decisions throughout the plot. These choices shouldn’t be made carelessly because they will alter the course of the narrative.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

A brand-new Borderlands spin-off game is called Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. In this game, little Tina, the disorganized young girl from Borderlands 2, leads us on a fantastical journey. Some weapons are still available to players, but you may also utilize more melee attacks and magical spells to defeat your adversary. Players may anticipate finding and pursuing a ton of stuff, like in Borderlands.


The long-awaited versions of Persona 5 Royal ended up being one of the year’s most popular titles. For years, Nintendo Switch players longed to try out the game. The Phantom Thieves may now be played on any modern platform. The game centers on a gang of teenagers who can enter people’s hearts and purge them of the evil that resides inside. They will take on tasks and battle monsters with the aid of their Personas.


The action role-playing game Steelrising is set in a different version of the French Revolution. After unleashing a lethal legion of mechanical creatures on the populace, King Louis XVI now commands Paris in terror. To defend the rebellion, gamers adopt the character of Aegis, a single robot warrior who has to battle the king’s mechanized soldiers. You’ll be tested in every battle since you’ll need talent and accuracy to win. Your clockwork hands will decide the fate of Paris and France as you interact with historical legends.

To Sum Up

Several RPGs were created in 2022 for various platforms. From the eagerly awaited Elden Ring to the sinister Weird West universe. To appeal to a new generation of players, some producers have improved upon tried-and-true business models, while others have tried to break new ground.


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