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Top 10 Easiest Ways to Win Money in Online Casino These Days




It looks like you’re seeking tried and trusted tips on how to win at a top paying online casino NZ? If so, you’ve just found a reliable source. We know a few tricks that are effective, easy to apply, and have been tested by many gamblers. The good news is that we’re ready to share them with you. All you have to do is keep reading!

First of all, we’d like to tell you a simple, yet crucial thing: the best way to win money in an online casino is to avoid losing it. So if you want to gamble wisely, we’d advise you to keep these tips in mind. That can help you to win money playing in the best online casinos that payout fast.

1.     Make research to find one of the best-rated casinos

First off, you need to find a reputed online casino with the highest payout percentage. What do we mean by saying ’reputable’? It’s simple! Just look at the signs of a trustworthy casino and check them each time you are going to play online:

·         Prominent licenses

·         Legitimate banking methods

·         Reasonable Welcome Bonuses

·         Reputable software providers

·         Strong reviews

2.     Use benefits from bonuses and promotions

Some of the best rated payout online casino NZ sites provide bonuses that land-based ones cannot afford. These bonuses are designed to help players get the most out of their gambling there. On the other hand, bonuses and promotions help online casinos attract new players and retain regular ones.

Don’t miss the opportunity to win by using some of them, like:

·         Welcome Bonus

·         Deposit & No Deposit Bonus

·         Free spins

·         Cashback

·         VIP / Loyalty program

·         Payment method bonus

·         And others

3.     Play games with the lowest house edge

If casinos wouldn’t make money, they would just stop existing. That is why the house always wins as the house edge is a predicted advantage of any casino. But it doesn’t mean there are no ways to win from the house! You see, some games give casinos the lowest advantage. Here is the top 5 of them:

·         Blackjack, 0.42-1.5%

·         Baccarat, 1.06-14.36%

·         Video Poker, 0.76-5%

·         Roulette, 2.7- 5.26%

·         Online slots, 1-12%

4.     Play for free before start betting

This advice may seem obvious. But sometimes it may save you money. When you start playing for free in a highest paying online casino, you practice and manage all available options. With time, you will be able to practice different betting strategies based on your results.

Once you feel confident that you know the game well, it’s time to start playing for real money. Fortunately, many NZ gambling sites allow playing free DEMO versions. So, don’t hesitate to take advantage of this option!

5.     Chase losses won’t do you any good

Chasing losses is senseless. Never do so. Even if you’re playing your favorite game at the top paying online casino, stop when luck turns away from you. Let’s say, you are playing video poker or Hold’Em. Regardless of the strategy, you either win or lose. So, enjoy your wins, but stop when your lucky streak is over! It’s something that can be used in any casino and something that can help you save money.

6.     Make sure you know the casino’s rules well

They can impact your gameplay there. Knowledge is not a guarantee of bypassing the rules and getting more. Nevertheless, learning and following them is recommended. Some of them are odd, while others are easy to understand. They help you know when and how to bet. Use your own strategy for each title and have fun in an online casino with the highest payout rate.

7. Check the withdrawal system

Make sure to choose the best payout casino online that offers fast financial transactions. Also, check if the payment method for depositing and withdrawal money is convenient for you. If the withdrawal takes a long time, most likely the casino is delaying the process to make you play for longer.

8.     Gambling budget or the bankroll management

Managing your bankroll is another important aspect of successful gambling in the biggest payout online casino. The golden rule is: invest only what you can lose painlessly. Set your limits. Decide how much money you’re going to wager. Avoid betting too much right from the start and don’t race to win!

Furthermore, don’t put at stake all of your winnings. You have to be careful and not bet huge amounts of money. Otherwise, you may fall into the trap of addiction. Be sure in your self-control and always stick to your gambling budget.

9.     Use different game tactics

A certain number of winning combinations is laid in the software for slot machines. So, winnings are distributed evenly among all players in a casino.

However, some people are trying to develop their own tactics. They try to cheat or bypass the top payout casino sites. These tricks are common and well-known:

·         Max bets during the bonus round

·         Raising or lowering rates in the different game intervals

·         Changing rates after winning or losing

·         Switching to another slot after making several spins.

Unlikely, these approaches to the game won’t lead to 100% success. The slot machine algorithm is based on a random numbers generator (RNG). Therefore, predicting which combination will fall out at this point is almost impossible. It would be more effective to make a big number of small bets. The more spins you make, the higher the possibility of winning on a slot with the RTP of 95% or more. Just choose online casinos that pay the most.

10.  Experience and practice

One must agree that skills come only with experience. To sharpen yours, take your time to practice regularly in free games that are available at most payout online casino sites. Read materials related to online gaming. There you can find about the experience of high rollers who can teach you how to play correctly and lead to big winnings.

In conclusion

By summarizing all that has been said above, it is important to recap a few tips starting from picking an online casino with good payouts to sticking to the bankroll management & management of your gaming timetable.

If you want to play with bonuses, read the attached T&C first. Remember – as a gambler, you should take advantage of all means available. After all, it is time to play and have fun. Online casino gaming is a good way to unwind while getting some profits! 


Editor-in-Chief at DroidJournal. A tech-enthusiast, guitarist, and an anime fanboy!

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