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Top 10 scenes Where Captain Marvel is a Badass!




2019 had been a blessed year for the Marvel industry and for its fan. With the consecutive releases of Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame. The fans were introduced to Marvel, who marvelously ruled everyone’s heart as well as the Avengers universe. She has been such a powerful woman character, after Black Widow and Scarlet Witch. Hence, we tried to pick up the greatest moments of our Captain and looked back to the good days. Let’s just say, it had been a tough job.

1. Captain Marvel Defeating Thanos

Let’s begin with the greatest scene ever made on Avengers, Captain Marvel defeating Thanos with all her power. Theatres were filled up cheers and applause and chill running throughout the body. Her snatching of the Infinity Gauntlet from him and punching him, again and again, was indeed a proud moment.

2. Return of Iron Man and Nebula

Let’s take a moment and bow down to our lady. Like a ray of hope, she appeared out of nowhere to save starved up Iron Man and Nebula, who already lost hopes of living any further. And a ray of hope isn’t even metaphorical here.

3. No Blink moment at Thor’s speedy Hammer

How badass she looked during this scene. She was there with a motive and it was clear that she won’t take a moment of vagueness. She had her priorities set and the world needed them. Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth, just to test her perfections, calls his hammer from behind, apparently uncalled and unknown to her, and she didn’t even flinch for once. The scene ends with the God of Thunder saying “I like this one.”

4. Sudden meet with Stan Lee

Captain Marvel was released shortly after Stan Lee’s death and this moment was an emotional one. No fan can deny the fact this scene melted our hearts, especially Lee holding a red copy reading, and she smiles at him warmly on the train. Yes, this moment might not be a glorious one, but a precious one.

5. Carol Identifying the Skrulls On the Train

Before she recollects the actual identity she is known as Vers, she chases after a group of shapeshifting Skrulls on a moving train. She looks savage and fearsome as she slaps a Skrull disguised as an old woman.

6. The story behind her Incredible Power

This moment of glory was when fans got to know the reason behind the incredible and undefeatable power. She confronts an unexpected encounter with Yon-Rogg and crashes the Mar-Vell’s jet. Yon-Rogg then confronts her and tries to take the Kree energy core he seeks. Carol is brave enough to risk her life and shoots the core, which in turn gives her incredible powers.

7. Captain Marvel Leading the Women Squad

Even if you are not an Avengers fan but this scene will definitely make you one, at least will win your heart. Captain helping Peter Parker, and when he asked how will she make through the enemies, the woman from the entire universe joins her and says “No worry, she’s got help.

8. Marvel breaking the Skrull Prison

A wholesome battle between her and the Skrulls made us realize how powerful she can be. Can we buy now declare her to be the best in the new generation Avengers?

9. Encounter with Yon-Rogg in the Desert

When Yon-Rogg was vague talking and throwing tantrums, we knew Captain Marvel was up to something. It’s not really her to keep quiet. And boom! She flashed Yon-Rogg without any notice and walks proudly. You laughed, we laughed, we all laughed.

10. Setting free from the Vers World

It was the climax point of Captain Marvel and the heart pounded heavily. The scene started with the funny detector test of the cat and Nick Fury and went on to confrontation of her and the supreme intelligence, where she demands the freedom of the Skrulls and complains how they misused her. Her setting free from the world was truly marvelous. A true woman empowerment moment.

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