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Top Tips for Beginning World of Warcraft





In the following article, we are going to provide you with 10 of the most important tips for kicking off your adventures in World of Warcraft. Your first WOW Journey will benefit from a bit of experience and direction, especially on things like choosing the right class and how to interface with your character.

So, here it is, the much-abridged guide to leveling in World of Warcraft:


Don’t go out and buy the game until you are at least sure you can run WOW on your computer. You can find a full list of special system recommendations posted on the Blizzard site. But, you will find that most of the Warcraft games and characters can be run on a pretty basic setup.

Another fool-proof way of telling if your computer will run this game is to see which year the game went into production. Just about anything manufactured after 2010 will be able to run this without a problem. If you have an older computer you will probably want to upgrade first.


Even if you are convinced about buying the game, it is not a bad idea to take full advantage of the free trial. Blizzard offers the first 10-Days of membership completely free. This is great for those who are unsure about what they are getting into. You can then purchase the full edition when you feel up to it.

Take some time to get a feel for the gameplay and style. Just because you can play exceptionally well does not mean you will enjoy the game. That’s why it is always a good idea to take advantage of the trial whenever possible.


The toughest decisions you will make in the World of Warcraft will be at the very beginning of the game. The first things to do are:

–        Choose a server

–        Pick a race for your Warcraft characters

–        Choose from the various Warcraft classes

When you choose a server, you should begin by asking your friends about the servers they are using. You will want to be with as many friends as possible because this always makes things better. If you have no friends in WOW, look for a well-populated (but, not crowded) server as you are sure to make some good friends soon enough.

Stay away from new-player servers and max-population servers too. Find something balanced.


Now that you have your server selected, the fun stuff begins. It is time to pick your faction and race. You can fight for the Horde or Join the Alliance, each has 7 playable races.

The Alliance has:





Night Elves



And Fighting For the Horde:

The Undead




Blood Elves



Each faction also has another 4 more races that can be recruited, these can only be used if you can recruit them to your cause. And remember that each racial has special traits that give them an advantage.


Now that you have picked out your Warcraft character, it is time to select your class. There are 12 different classes in WOW and some races can fall into 8 or 9 of the classes. Of course, you should remember that some races have specific advantages with specific classes. For this reason, it will be good to select which role on the team you are interested in. You can choose a role and stick with it, or else choose the path of the hybrid.


Once you get into the game, you can begin playing your class of race. You will want to do all that you can to enjoy the game. Some people like to role play, others will look for every way to level up. There are also handy beginner’s guides that can help you make a good start at this point. Take a look at the kind of stats, levels, and areas you will need to unlock to get where you are going. You can use Mythisch Plus Boosting to move forward.


Once you have reached level 10, you can begin what is called specialization, Each WOW class has its own specializations. These will streamline your progress and help you fill out your roles much better.

You can also choose to unlearn everything you have learned and reassign all your skill points and leveling. This is a good way to get the best list of specifications for each role. Then at level 30, you can have what has been known as “Dual Talent Specialization”. Which essentially allows you to move back and forth between specializations.

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